Security driver in Israel for secure transportation and executive protection

Executive Protection Services in Israel

Israel professional security driver

Security chauffeurs in Israel are highly qualified, experienced police drivers, armed drivers, or military reserve chauffeurs who have received security training. ORMAX monitors driving skills and the level of training of specialists, so you can be sure that the driver-bodyguard is your personal security on the road, car, or around him in any city of Israel. You can order a security guard driver with a traumatic weapon to protect yourself and your loved ones from attack, kidnapping, or terrorism.

Bodyguard for press journalists photographers and media in israel

How does ORMAX select a guard driver for its clients?

We assess the reliability of qualified safety and driving training based on the following questions:

  • Do the drivers have experience or skills in secure transportation?
  • What refresher courses for driver-bodyguards did they take?
  • Do they have first aid skills?
  • What is the experience of threat management?

The answers to these questions serve as a starting point for providing the following requirements for the client:

  • The accuracy of the driver’s biographical data.
  • Drawing up a brief description of the security driver for the client.
  • Complete knowledge of the geography of a city or area.
  • Driver access to real-time situational awareness tools.
  • Guaranteed security chauffeur services, privacy, executive protection, and service level.

Security and armed driver services tailored for the press in Israel

Private security for press journalists photographers and media in israel
Security driver for press

Our priority is to ensure the safety and security of journalists, photographers, and media personnel while they carry out their important work in the challenging environment of Israel. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who are well-versed in the nuances of security protocols, ensuring a safe and seamless experience for our clients.

Our Security Driver Service offers a dedicated and highly skilled team of drivers experienced in providing top-notch security for press professionals. With extensive knowledge of Israeli roads and traffic patterns, our drivers are adept at navigating through various locations efficiently while prioritizing the safety and well-being of our clients.

For situations that require an added layer of security, our Armed Driver Service provides highly trained and licensed armed drivers. They are equipped to handle any security concerns that may arise during transportation, maintaining a vigilant watch to ensure the utmost safety for our clients at all times.

We understand the unique risks journalists face in Israel. Our services are designed to mitigate these risks and provide a secure environment for the press to carry out their vital work.Your safety is our priority.

Event Security and Safety in Israel

Why is it worth ordering a personal driver bodyguard in Israel instead of a taxi?

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling as a tourist, you want to order a car for trips between cities or you need a car for a business transfer of officials – safety is important in any of the options. Over 50% of attacks occur in or near a vehicle, and having a trained driver-bodyguard is paramount to protecting your life.

Popular security Israel chauffeur services:

  • Security – Jerusalem
  • Security – Tel Aviv

An experienced security chauffeur is able to anticipate and/or prevent a car accident. It is the car that can disrupt or interrupt your trip, and it is the driver’s job not to expose you to such a risk.

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