Fast Track Ben Gurion airport

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Ben Gurion Fast Track For Arrivals

An ORMAX Assist with a nameplate will meet you at the plane ladder and lead you to the VIP lounge. The assistant helps with the preparation of all the necessary documents when going through the passport Fast Track, you just need to relax and enjoy the upcoming journey on our transfer, which will take you anywhere in Israel. Benefits of Fast Track Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv) for arrivals:

  • Quick Check-In
  • Swift Passport Control
  • Expedited Customs
  • Speed Baggage Claim

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Ben Gurion airport Fast Track Without Queues

ORMAX provides a Fast-Track Tel Aviv airport, which will help you through all airport formalities. You will go through registration, customs, and passport control without a queue. Allow our employees to Assist you, both upon arrival and before departure. With the Ben Gurion Airport Fast Track, you will skip the long lines that result from increased security controls, and our friendly staff will help you with your luggage. ORMAX guarantees a pleasant and carefree journey!

Booking Taxi-Transfer at Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Fast Line For Departures

You will arrive at the airport on time with a comfortable ORMAX transfer. The driver will escort you to the VIP lounge and drop off your luggage. Then the assistant will take care of all the registration nuances, and you can enjoy the pleasant memories received in Israel. Benefits of Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion Airport) Priority Lane for departures:

  • Fast Security Check-In
  • Privat Carry-On Screening
  • Passport Fast Track
  • Escorted Boarding
Fast Track Ben Gurion airport

FAQ - Fast Track Services at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

Is there fast track at Ben Gurion Airport?

Yes, Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv offers a fast track service for passengers seeking expedited processing through security and immigration procedures.

What is VIP airport fast tracking?

VIP airport fast tracking is a premium service that allows passengers to bypass regular queues and expedite their journey through security checks, immigration, and other airport processes.

What does fast track do at the airport?

Fast track services at the airport provide passengers with a quicker and more efficient travel experience. It includes priority processing through security, customs, immigration, and other necessary airport procedures.

What is express service at Ben Gurion Airport?

The express service at Ben Gurion Airport is a fast track option that enables passengers to swiftly navigate through the airport’s various checkpoints, such as security and immigration, for a smoother and more time-efficient travel experience.

What is fast track immigration at Tel Aviv airport?

Fast track immigration at Tel Aviv airport enables passengers to expedite the immigration process, allowing for quicker clearance and entry into the country. This service helps passengers save time and reduces waiting periods at the immigration checkpoint.

What is fast track security at Tel Aviv airport?

Fast track security at Tel Aviv airport allows passengers to skip the regular security lines and undergo security screening swiftly, maintaining the highest safety standards while saving time during the airport journey.

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