Car rental with driver Netanya


Car rental with a driver in Netanya

A car with a driver in Netanya will help travelers explore the northern Mediterranean coast, visit the Sharon Plain or visit picturesque Haifa. Renting a car (Netanya) with a driver is the best way to get to know Israel without limiting the freedom and flexibility of movement. A private car with a driver in Netanya will make your vacation in Netanya very comfortable and pleasant. The ORMAX vehicle fleet includes cars of all classes and categories of leading manufacturers: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Skoda, Toyota, etc. When renting a car with a driver in Netanya, all your time will be spent exploring the city and its surroundings.

Benefits of a private chauffeur service in Netanya

Explore Israel in a popular tourist city on the Mediterranean coast with many cultural attractions – book a car with a driver in Netanya. A private driver in Netanya will drive you through the scenic coastal plains. With the unlimited booking, you can plan your perfect vacation by stopping at Poleg Beach, Diamimon’s Diamond Museum, or to the musical fountain with a light show on InterActive Atzmaut Square.

If you rent a car with a driver in Netanya, then the following advantages await you:


You are not responsible for the rented car


No lease agreements or mileage restrictions


No additional vehicle insurance fee


No refueling or monitoring of the fuel level in the tank


Car with a driver in Netanya - rental tips

When renting a car with a driver in Netanya, consider a few facts to make your trip perfect:

  • How many fellow travelers travel with you
  • Are you traveling with children
  • What budget do you have
  • What type of car is acceptable for you (sedan, minivan, minibus)

Order a car with a driver in Netanya in advance and we will select the best option that suits you.

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