VIP Lounge at Ramon Airport

ORMAX provides access to the VIP Lounge at Ramon Airport regardless of ticket class and airline. You will comfortably spend your time throughout your entire waiting time in the business lounge at Ramon Airport. To visit the VIP salon, you just need to order a service on the ORMAX website and you will automatically become a welcome guest in the prestigious Eilat-Ramon lounge.

Allow yourself to relax before your flight to the VIP lounge of Ramon Airport

The Business Lounge is the “living room” of Ramon Airport, where you will be offered a high level of service. While there, you will not notice the bustle of the airport but just relax before the flight with a glass of wine or a cup of aromatic coffee on a soft sofa. You will also be treated to snacks and dishes from a professional chef. The VIP Lounge at Ramon Airport is the place to go again.

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