Private Wine Tours in Israel

Private wine tours in Israel

Israel Wine Tours

Acquaintance with the country consists not only of sightseeing trips, but also through national gastronomy. After visiting bars and restaurants in Israel, a true gourmet will pay attention to local wines and will want to visit the wineries of Israel. ORMAX offers individual Israel winery tours, which include Israeli wine tasting. You will taste wines, feel the delicate taste of the drink and listen to the description of the bouquet from winemakers. Try to get to know the history and culture of the country through enotourism in Israel.

Benefits of a Private Wine Tour in Israel

Are you a connoisseur of real delicious wine, but have never tasted Israeli wines? Then a private wine tour in Israel is a great choice for you, with it you will learn the intricacies of winemaking, the reasons for the special taste and aftertaste of wine, get acquainted with grape varieties and walk among Israel vineyards, as well as:


under the guidance of a sommelier, you will learn to “feel” the wine


learn about the legends associated with Israeli winemaking


during tasting of wine you will be treated to delicious cheeses and hummus


admire the landscapes of Israel


study wine etiquette

Wine tour Israel

VIP wine tourism in Israel

We are developing a route through the wineries of Israel, where you will visit both industrial and family-type enterprises. With each stop, you will learn about the peculiarities of the production of the drink, taste it and be able to buy one or more bottles in a winery boutique. Our excursions and wine tours in Israel will appeal to both connoisseurs and wine lovers.

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