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ORMAX organizes private Christian tours in Israel. The difference between a Christian tour and a pilgrimage tour is that holy tours to Israel cover the main Christianity attractions in order to acquaint you with the cultural diversity of Israel. Holy tour in Israel is very popular, therefore ORMAX company creates a tourist route especially for you, considering your interests and time, avoiding the standard tourist traps offered by other companies.

Christian Israel Tours

Christian tour in Israel is created considering your interest. Christian route follows traditional Catholic and Orthodox themes. The main sights of Christianity impress with their beauty and grandeur, so our tours will be interesting not only for religious people, but also for ordinary tourists who value aesthetics in architecture.

Christian Israel Tours that ORMAX offers is a great opportunity for people who travel the country and want to explore the main historical and holy cities of Israel, impressive Christian shrines, and stunning landscapes of Israel.

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Advantages of ordering a holy tours to Israel

On the ORMAX website, you can order both a ready-made tourist route in Israel, or contact us to order an individual tour and get advice from an experienced guide. Our guides have a good knowledge of history, culture and geography. Christian Israel Tours are fully adapted to the client’s requirements and can take from one day to more than a week in time.

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