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Business tourism today is the most demanded and popular service not only in Israel, but throughout the world. It opens new horizons for business, provides new opportunities and prospects for development and growth. Business tours with a personal driver on executive cars are organized either individually or in the format of group corporate trips.

Business transfer in Israel allow businessmen and entrepreneurs to find new business partners, discuss the project with colleagues in an informal setting, discover the innovative aspects of your field of activity and conclude new contracts.

A very important condition for the success of creating and expanding a business is to think in the same direction with partners.

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Israel occupies a small area on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. And plays an important role in the business life of the whole world. Israel is full of numerous exhibitions, congresses and business events.

We will help you plan a route and provide you with a representative car for a rent based solely on the interests of your company. 

We know from experience that such a route is important for you and in half an hour at the hotel you can take a shower and change clothes from the road.

Your mood is our goal – therefore, ordering a business transfer in Israel will save you from unnecessary fuss, you can not worry and feel free to register for the next event.

The most popular business tours in Israel are:

  1. Visiting large corporations that share their insights and visions of the market for several years to come. The largest of them are Viber, Amazon, Ebay and IBM.
  2. Modern science laboratories and startups are the most popular platforms for developing entrepreneurial skills among students.
  3. Venture funds that are aimed at working with the latest startups and enterprises show their development projects in the early stages.
  4. New project ideas turn into startups and then become large and successful companies. Startups share their experiences of success.
  5. Entrepreneurship centers and the largest coworking spaces located in Tel Aviv charge you with new ideas and thoughts on running your own business.
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Business tours Israel

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A business tour in Israel by car with a personal driver is useful for both a professional business team and top managers, and of course, heads and owners of companies. Therefore, you just need to go on a business tour in Israel on elite car in order to change your mind, find new ideas for moving forward, and most importantly – a common language with the team.

  1. For executives and owners, a business tour in Israel will provide an opportunity to look at their business from different angles, find the right solutions and simply break out of the work routine. A business tour gives executives the opportunity to move on with greater speed and confidence.
  2. Top managers will be able to gain additional inspiration, exchange experiences with colleagues, and find new ways to motivate the team.
  3. For a business team, a business tour in Israel is, first of all, a very useful vacation, which will help recharge with new creative ideas and conduct a unique team building.

Rent an elite car with a personal driver for a business meeting – and we will show you the best aspects of business tourism in Israel!

Business transfer Israel

If you are going to Israel and want to rent a representative car with a driver, our company will become an excellent logistics partner for you, and you can concentrate only on your business goals. To get comfortably to the hotel and then to a business meeting, you just need to call our managers and order a business class car with a driver for business meetings.

The main feature of business tours in Israel is not only the search for new business partners and business expansion, but also the acquaintance with a new country. At your service is the organization of business tours with a driver in Israel on expensive luxury cars at affordable prices. Book a car with a personal driver for a business meeting – and we will show you the best aspects of business tourism in IsraelWe provide luxury car chauffeur service for business tours in Israel.

Our services include:

  • drawing up a route for your business trip,
  • VIP meeting at the airport,
  • organizing a VIP transfer to business meetings,
  • providing the services of a private guide,
  • consultation and information support 24/7.
Business transfer Israel

Order a car with a personal driver for a business meeting in Israel

We know how exhausting any flight can be, especially if it lasts more than a few hours. That’s why our chauffeurs can let you relax and go about your business if you need to travel to a specific destination. With our luxury car rental service for business tours in Israel, you don’t have to worry about traffic or city travel – just sit back in the passenger seat and let a professional driver take you to the appointed place at the appointed time.

By renting an elite car with a driver for business tours in Israel on ORMAX, you:

  • enjoy the ride from the airport to your destination;
  • you will always be on time for any business meetings;
  • you can plan your business tour in Israel with an executive car and a driver before an important event and make all the stops you need;
  • stay with your group no matter how big it is;
  • relax or work, enjoying the comfort of an expensive car;
  • Get recommendations from our courteous drivers for the best local hotels, restaurants, shops, and more.

We organize each business tour exclusively individually, according to your plans, goals and objectives. We solve extraordinary problems and provide luxury car rental services with a driver for business tours in Israel to a large number of corporate clients. We will provide an exceptionally high quality of organization for your VIP trip in an executive car. You and your company will demonstrate the image of a progressive and modern company in the eyes of your partners.

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