Individual transfer in Israel

Individual transfer in Israel

Individual transfer services in Israel

Individual transfer in Israel is a private car transport service that frees you from queues at the cash box for tickets, the slowness of public transport and the annoying pushing at bus and train stations. To relieve yourself of stress in an unfamiliar country and not to feel anxiety from the thought: “How to get from the airport to the city or hotel?”, We advise you to book an individual transfer service in Israel on ORMAX. Hiring a reliable individual transfer service will make your Israel trip more enjoyable, save money and time. All the time that you spend on the way will be dedicated to you.

Benefits of a individual transfer in Israel


Unlimited booking period

You can book an individual transfer in Israel in advance – several weeks or even months before the trip. You will know for sure that your car will be waiting at the specified time and place, and will deliver to the exact address. With ORMAX Israel individual transfer, you will avoid looking for a local taxi, shuttle, bus, or train stop.


Independent from train or bus

Any public transport has its own schedule of intervals and route. There is often no direct connection between airports, train stations, and bus stations with destinations, which is very inconvenient, especially if you have a lot of luggage. If you order an individual transfer in Israel, you will avoid these problems, become independent of the train and bus schedule, with the inevitable waste of waiting time.


No hidden costs

ORMAX individual transfer service includes comfortable cars of any class and licensed, experienced drivers. Prices for an individual transfer in Israel on ORMAX are fixed without hidden costs, which local taxists sin and in fact may upset you.

Individual transfer in Israel

ORMAX individual transfer booking

ORMAX is a transfer company in Israel that serves all major cities and the main Ben Gurion airport. How are we working?

  1. Book your transfer. Fill in all required fields in the Feedback Form (Reservation). You will receive an email about your order. Cancellation is possible 2 days before the date. You can also place an order through Whatsapp messenger, by phone, or email.
  2. Meeting day. The driver will arrive at the address at the agreed time. Payment is made locally at the end of the trip. Additional wishes regarding payment can be agreed upon with the manager during the booking process.

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