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Parking in Tel Aviv

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Parking is difficult in any big city, Tel Aviv is no exception. If you are a tourist or come from another country for work, then add a language barrier and a lot of rules and regulations that you will encounter and get a rather big fine. In the article, ORMAX offers an overview of paid and free parking in Tel Aviv, as well as deciphering road signs and tips for finding a great place. For complete confidence, use the Car service with a driver in Tel Aviv or book a transfer from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv and back.

Roadside parking

Roadside parking available throughout the city, as indicated by road signs. The signs indicate (in Hebrew) the time when you can park your car and who can use it.

The parking roadsides divided into different zones and can be distinguished by their color.

  • No color – parking opened according to the established signs.
    Red and white stripes – ambulance areas and parking is prohibited.
  • Red and gray stripes – parking for a limited period, according to the rules described on the signs.
  • Blue and white stripes – free parking. If you are borrowing a car from a Tel Aviv resident, there must be a sticker on their car that allows free parking in those areas.

If you rent a car, then paid parking is allowed Sun-Thu: from 9:00 to 17:00, Fri and holidays: from 9:00 to 13:00. Parking is prohibited at any other time.

Be careful! In some of the zones, parking for foreigners is not allowed, so we suggest renting a car with a driver in Tel Aviv.

Car parks

There are many car parks in the city from small private places to large-scale car parks owned by the municipality. Private parking located in shopping malls, large commercial and office buildings that provide parking spaces for a fee. The largest free car park located at Boulevard Rocach, 7 near the reading room.


There are several paid and public garages throughout Tel Aviv close to hotels and busy, popular areas (for example, beaches). They can also be found near the Carmel and Sarona markets, along Rothschild Boulevard, near the entrances to Neve Tzedek, and through Jaffa. There are large garages near Namal Tel Aviv and along Nachlat Binyamin.

Private parking

Perhaps you are staying in a hotel, private house, or renting an apartment through an online platform, then you may be lucky and you will have a personal parking space at your disposal. Suitable for those who just want to leave the car and walk around the city on foot or leave the car overnight. Oftentimes, private lots can be overcrowded and you have to ask your neighbor to park your car in order to get your seat or just not get stuck.

Payment for parking in Tel Aviv

You can pay for parking in different ways, but the easiest one is through the app. Cellopark allows you to pay by card, but is only available in Hebrew. Pango is available in multiple languages ​​and allows you to pay by phone. For city parking, you can use the Achuzatot Ha’hof app, which is also only available in Hebrew. Also, near the parking lots there are machines for paying for parking, or you can pay in cash to the valet.

Important! Most parking lots in Tel Aviv only accept cash.

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