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Transfer for flight attendants in Israel

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Transportation for flight attendants in Israel

Transfer for flight attendants from the airport to the hotel

Choose a reliable and comfortable taxi transfer for stewardesses from the airport to the hotel and back. After an extended stay in the air, taking care of the safety and convenience of the airline’s customers, your employees deserve a pleasant and quiet vacation. Please don’t make them walk up and down the airport looking for unreliable taxis.

ORMAX offers reliable, convenient, and affordable transportation for pilots and stewardesses in Israel.

Some tips to improve transportation of flight attendants from the airport

In recent years, ORMAX has been collaborating with various airlines to enhance the quality of ground transportation for crews. The experts have put together a few recommendations for airlines that want to guarantee maximum safety and efficiency transport services for stewardesses in Israel:

  • Digitize the crew transportation process: even in this era of rapid development of technology, many airlines continue to send emails and PDF files with crew transportation requirements. Both transport firms and airline companies complain that this approach leads to a large number of mistakes. Therefore, experts advise stopping sending transport documents. Instead of sending emails, upload all data to an online flight crew management platform.
  • GPS tracking is a secure option to get the most up-to-date vehicle movement data. By monitoring your vehicle’s location with GPS, you don’t have to guess. If the transport service management sees that the driver is late, they can call a spare car.
  • Maintain constant communication with the flight crew: after the stewardesses have left the plane, they must understand where to go. It’s no secret that Israel’s significant airports can sometimes be challenging to navigate, and after a long flight, your employees want to get to the hotel as quickly as possible. Sometimes the airline forgets to share all the transport data with the crew, leaving flight attendants in a difficult position trying to get through to the local service provider on their own. It is essential to provide the stewardesses with all transfer details, including vehicle, driver, and meeting point information.
  • Review the terms of the crew transport contract from time to time: hardly anyone likes to renegotiate the contract terms with a verified supplier, but sometimes they may not correspond to the current situation. Then nothing is left but to resume negotiations to conclude a more favorable agreement.
  • Use a single invoice template: transporting flight attendants and pilots from the airport to the hotel and back can be challenging to manage due to the fragmented nature, interaction with various suppliers, and different payment methods. Even in the digital age, sometimes you have to deal with paper taxi receipts. Creating a preferred airline invoice template will save you much time on administrative tasks.
Taxi-transfer for flight attendants in Israel
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