Full-Size Car Rental in Herzliya

Full-Size Car Rentals Tel Aviv
Full-Size Car Rental in Tel Aviv

Full-Size Car Rental in Herzliya: Freedom of Spacious Travel

We extend a warm welcome to you in Herzliya! Irrespective of your visit’s purpose—be it for professional commitments or leisure activities—the importance of reliable and comfortable transportation remains a constant. ORMAX Chauffeur Service offering a comprehensive array of full-size vehicles designed to accommodate a variety of needs. We invite you to explore the benefits of selecting a full-size car rental in Herzliya with our professional drivers, a choice that promises to elevate your travel experience significantly. Welcome to the ORMAX family, where every journey begins with a promise of an exceptional experience.

Why Choose Full Size Car Rental in Herzliya?

When you opt for a full-size car rental in Herzliya with ORMAX, you’re selecting comfort, style, and versatility. Envision traversing Israel’s diverse landscapes, from serene deserts to lush valleys, in a spacious vehicle that effortlessly accommodates your family, friends, or colleagues. With ORMAX, you’re not merely renting a car with driver; you’re embarking on a journey replete with comfort, safety, and luxury.

Our Spacious Vehicles: SUVs, Minivans, Vans, Minibuses

At ORMAX, we understand that every group has unique needs. That’s why our fleet boasts a variety of full-size vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, vans, and minibuses. Each vehicle is meticulously maintained and equipped with the latest features to ensure your journey is nothing short of exceptional.

Full Size Car Hire Tel Aviv
Full Size Car Rentals Tel Aviv

Advantages of ORMAX Chauffeurs when choosing Full-Size Car Rental in Herzliya

Choosing ORMAX for your full-size car rental in Herzliya means opting for a service that goes beyond just a car. It’s about experiencing Herzliya with peace of mind, knowing that your comfort and safety are our top priorities. With ORMAX, you get:

  • Professional Drivers: Expert chauffeurs with in-depth local knowledge, ensuring not only a safe passage but also an enriched travel experience through their insights and expertise.
  • Reliability: Vehicles you can count on, ready when and where you need them.
  • Comfort: Spacious, clean, and well-maintained cars for a smooth ride.
  • Flexibility: A wide range of vehicles to suit every need and group size.
  • Customer Support: Our dedicated team is committed to selecting a vehicle that best matches your requirements, ensuring a personalized and satisfying rental experience.

Full-size car rental in Herzliya with ORMAX is more than just a decision; it’s the beginning of an adventure filled with comfort, safety, and luxury. Book now!

Choose Ormax for Full-Size Car Rental in Israel


Ormax offers a versatile range of Full Size Car Rentals in Israel, tailored to suit any requirement, duration, group size, and budget. Our commitment to flexibility and customer satisfaction ensures a seamless travel experience for every client, whether for business or leisure.

5-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Perfect for small families or groups, our 5-seater vehicles offer the ideal blend of comfort and agility, making them perfect for navigating of Herzliya.

6-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Expand your horizons with our 6-seater options, providing that extra space for an additional member or more room for your belongings.

7-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Embark on an adventure with your larger group in our 7-seater vehicles, offering ample space for passengers and luggage alike, ensuring no one has to compromise on comfort or essentials.

8-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Our 8-seater vehicles are a popular choice for medium-sized groups looking to explore Herzliya together, combining comfort with the convenience of staying together in one vehicle.

9-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Ideal for larger families or small organizational outings, our 9-seater options ensure that everyone enjoys the journey with plenty of room for comfort and storage.

10-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

When your group is sizable, but intimacy is still key, a 10-seater from ORMAX provides the perfect balance, allowing for shared experiences without compromising on personal space.

11-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Elevate your group travel with our 11-seater vehicles, designed to cater to larger family gatherings or corporate groups, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for all.

12-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Our 12-seater vehicles are tailored for larger groups seeking to explore Herzliya’s wonders together, offering a harmonious blend of space, comfort, and convenience.

13-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

With a 13-seater, your group can enjoy the city’s sights without the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles, making your trip both efficient and enjoyable.

14-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Perfect for larger tour groups or extended family outings, our 14-seater options provide the ultimate in group travel luxury, ensuring everyone travels in comfort and style.

15-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Maximize your group’s travel experience with our 15-seater vehicles, offering ample space for every passenger and their luggage, ensuring a comfortable journey throughout Herzliya.

16-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Our 16-seater rentals are ideal for large groups looking to travel together, providing spacious seating and ample room for luggage, making every trip memorable and comfortable.

17-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

When your group size is significant, our 17-seater vehicles offer the perfect solution, ensuring that everyone enjoys the journey with plenty of space and comfort.

18-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

For groups that demand more space and comfort, our 18-seater options are designed to meet these needs, ensuring that every journey is a pleasure.

19-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

Our 19-seater vehicles cater to nearly the largest of groups, offering a comfortable and convenient way to explore Herzliya together.

20-Seater Car Hire in Herzliya

For the ultimate group travel experience in Herzliya, our 20-seater vehicles are unmatched in space and comfort, ensuring that large groups travel in style and ease, making every journey an exciting event.

Each of these options is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, ensuring that no matter the size of your group, ORMAX has the perfect Full-Size Vehicle to make your journey in Herzliya unforgettable.

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