Volkswagen Transporter with a driver in Israel


Volkswagen Transporter with a driver

Do you like to travel with a large group of friends or family? But don’t you like to spend a lot of time behind the wheel? Rent the latest 6th generation Volkswagen Transporter with a driver in Israel, relax, and enjoy the journey. The car is very compact, despite its capacity, and is suitable for both country trips and trips around the city. Ideal for organizing small excursions or business trips with colleagues. The minibus has a number of advantages: refined interior, air conditioning, comfortable seats with belts, and a reliable engine. The quiet engine and soft suspension provide quietness in the cabin and do not annoy passengers while driving.

Travel in comfort wherever you go, with Volkswagen Transporter with a driver rental in Israel or another minivan model from our fleet

Brief characteristics of the Volkswagen Transporter


Cylinders 2
Max. speed 146 km/h
Acceleration: 0 – 100 km/h 23.6 sec
Max. power 84 h.p.


Length 5290 mm
Width 1904 mm
Fuel tank 80 liters
Seats 2; 9

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