Medical tourism in Israel

Medical tourism in Israel

Israel: medical tourism

In recent years, there has been considerable growth in the number of people opting for medical tourism, and such activities have become standard in many countries. As the name implies, this type of travel involves placement in a foreign country to receive healthcare assistance.

Israel is deservedly considered one of the most popular places for medical tourism; crowds of people regularly come here for treatment or scheduled operations. Patients come to Israel to receive therapy according to all the standards of the local healthcare system with its advanced knowledge and technologies.

According to the Ministry of Tourism information, approximately 50,000 people choose medical tourism in Israel, most of whom come from Eastern European countries.

All the benefits of cooperation with the company

Today, many companies in Israel offer health care transportation services and other types of transportation. Let’s talk about the competitive advantages of ORMAX:

  • Unparalleled service level: a massive selection of vehicles combined with the best drivers in Israel make the service your ideal solution for medical travel. Each chauffeur undergoes a rigorous interview to ensure they are professional and exceed customer expectations.
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  • 100% security and confidentiality: the company’s drivers always adhere to safety requirements wherever they are, which is why many wealthy customers choose this service. The company cares about your privacy, meaning personal data will not be transferred to a third party.
  • Save time: the company’s professional drivers will do their best to get you to the clinic on time; they carefully study all the news about traffic and upcoming work on the highways, preventing the risk of a sudden delay.

Most patients come to Israel for medical procedures that are not available or too expensive in their home country. Many choose local clinics for heart surgery, cancer treatment, or bone marrow transplantation. Other medical tourists choose Israel because of the country’s reputation in certain areas, such as IVF treatment, where the country is a leader. For the therapy to be successful, it is essential to consider all the details of accommodation and transportation to the hospital in advance.

Most popular treatments for medical tourists

Israel offers an advanced healthcare system with top-notch doctors, nurses, and other staff. Clinics use the latest equipment and non-standard treatment regimens. Medical centers provide a full range of services, from obstetrics and gynecology to plastic surgery, cardiology, bone marrow transplantation, etc.

In recent years, the most popular destinations of Israel medical tourism are:

  • Bone marrow transplantation many patients come from countries where such treatment is unavailable or inefficient.
  • Cardiac surgery and various heart diseases.
  • Diabetes.
  • Treatment of infertility.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Dentistry, etc.

In each of these industries, Israeli hospitals have one of the highest success indicators in the world. Treatment takes place in world-class medical centers located throughout the country.

Transportation of patients to Israeli clinics
Get to the Israeli clinic

Legislative regulation of medical tourism in Israel

As the popularity of medical tourism to Israel grew, so did the dissatisfaction of the local community. Along with the increase in government revenues, there has been increasing concern among officials about the lack of beds for Israelis who need urgent therapy.

As a result, in 2019, the Medical Tourism Law came into force. Among other things, this document regulates the activities of medical tourism agents. Such specialists must be registered in the public register, and patients from other countries can access treatment only through such licensed intermediaries. The law states that clinics do not have the right to give preference to medical tourists over the local population in making an appointment and providing hospital and hotel services in healthcare facilities.

A few tips for medical tourists

Specialists have collected valuable recommendations that will make your medical tourism to Israel easier and help you get a consultation with the right specialist as soon as possible.

Think about all aspects of therapy in advance to reduce the stress level upon arrival in a foreign country:

  • If you are considering medical treatment in Israel, we recommend you consult with your insurance company or doctor. They may have information about medical facilities that specialize in treating your condition.
  • Seek help from a professional medical travel broker. They must have all the insights to organize the trip; the specialists are ready to take on the problems associated with a visit to the clinic.
  • If you will come and stay for treatment, check all medical transportation options, and find a hotel or apartment for yourself and all accompanying people.

When going for therapy abroad, be sure to take the results of tests made at home. Qualified doctors can get acquainted with the medical history and determine the current state and trends to select the therapy correctly.

Transportation of patients for treatment to Israeli clinics
Passenger transportation to medical centers in Israel
Transfer of patients to Israeli clinics

Advantages of therapy in Israel

Israeli law is universal and requires every citizen to participate in the insurance system. Such a system includes public and private healthcare facilities offering high-quality treatment and competitive prices.

Let’s compare the cost of medical treatment in Israel and the USA. A patient who needs bypass surgery without health insurance will pay $70,000-$200,000 or more in the USA. In vitro fertilization (IVF) has success rates and low prices. Such a procedure in Israel will cost 3,000 dollars, while in the USA, it ranges from $16,000 to $20,000.

The main reasons why people come to Israel for treatment

Today, most states allocate significant amounts and adopt advanced laws to improve the quality of medical services. Despite all the efforts of governments, the number of people who try to find how to get medical treatment in Israel is increasing; this is due to the following factors:

Unsatisfactory quality of medical care in the country of residence.

  • Local doctors lack experience in performing specific procedures, or they don’t have modern equipment.
  • Long queues and bureaucracy.
  • The high cost of services and the inability to pay for insurance procedures.
  • The need for non-standard drugs and treatment regimens that are not approved in other countries.
  • The desire to combine therapy with visiting exciting tourist attractions, etc.

Thousands of people from different countries suffering from various diseases come to Israel to personally evaluate the professionalism of doctors, unique treatment technologies, and the most modern medical equipment in Israeli clinics.

Key benefits of visiting local health centers

Statistical data also confirm the rationality of medical treatment in Israel. Such a country has one of the highest life expectancy rates, the world’s lowest death rate from cancer, and the second-lowest death rate from heart and vascular disease. Consider other profits of Israeli medical tourism:

  • High level of service: the quality of treatment in local medical centers is equal to well-known European and American clinics. In some areas, such as oncology or gynecology, local doctors have overtaken their counterparts from other developed countries.
  • Individual approach: patients are treated according to a particular program developed personally for each patient. It aims to improve the patient’s overall health by avoiding the onset of new symptoms. The attending physician constantly monitors the well-being of his ward and consults with specialists from related fields for an accurate diagnosis and the development of an effective treatment plan.
  • Attention and care: anyone who comes to the country can count on a good attitude from doctors and nurses, as patients often talk about in their feedback. In Israeli clinics, doctors are accustomed to treating visitors as equals, explaining all the therapy details, and calling or coming to the ward to ask about the patient’s well-being.

Israel has another competitive advantage when compared to other medical tourism destinations. Patients can enjoy the chic beaches of the warm and clear Mediterranean Sea between diagnostic and treatment procedures. If the doctors give the go-ahead, you can also go on a tour of the holy places, annually visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims worldwide.

Another popular tourist destination is the Dead Sea, which is called an effective natural physiotherapist; it treats like an experienced doctor. A visit to this attraction will bring both moral pleasure and good rehabilitation bonuses, enhancing the effect of therapy.

Passenger transportation to Israeli clinics

Traveling by car is often the only option for people who are confined to a wheelchair or bed. Regular treatments or therapies require almost daily health care transportation of patients. ORMAX offers executive-class driver services in different cities in Israel. If you don’t want to waste time looking for a car upon arrival in the country, we recommend placing an order online. You need to perform just a few steps:

  • Provide personal details, including name, email, country of origin, and contact phone number.
  • Choose the best type of service. Perhaps you need a transfer from the airport, moving from one city to another, etc.
  • Specify the start date for using the service and the type of vehicle (premium, business, SUV, minivan, etc.). Additional information can be specified in the «Comment» field.
  • Done, now send the application for consideration and wait for the managers to approve it.

In case of any problems during the booking, we recommend calling the number listed on the company’s website or contacting us via email.

If a person needs urgent care, and time is a critical component of successful treatment, you can rent a helicopter for transportation to hospital appointments from ORMAX. Air transport allows you to quickly and efficiently respond to sudden changes in the patient’s health status.

The most popular clinics in Israel

Israel has no state accreditation system, although the Ministry of Health organizes inspections on specific issues and relicensing medical institutions. In 2014, the agency organized quality assurance activities for local hospitals. Since then, significant progress has been made: most of the country’s medical institutions are involved in international accreditation systems. Consider which clinics have the best reputation in the country so that it is easier for you to determine where to ride for medical appointments:

  • Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (ICHILOV) is a leading multidisciplinary hospital and a preferred destination for medical tourists worldwide. It presents the most modern infrastructure and advanced technologies that meet international standards.
  • Sheba Medical Center (Tel Hashomer) is one of the country’s most famous medical and educational centers, located in the Tel Aviv District. It is a comprehensive healthcare institution that conducts cutting-edge medical research. It maintains close ties with the university.
  • Kaplan Medical Cent is a significant provider of medical services in Israel, which has received the status of a center of excellence in various fields, including obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, and more.

It is not enough just to determine which medical center suits you best; you should also solve all organizational issues, from buying plane tickets in your country to finding transport to hospitals.

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