Fast Track at Ramon Airport

Quick Registration at Ramon Airport

Fast Track at Ramon Airport is a VIP service for fast check-in and baggage drop-off. Do you want to travel in comfort? Book FastTrack at Ramon Airport with ORMAX and you will receive Fast Track security and control as a VIP client!

FastLine at Ramon Airport for Arrival/Departure

FastTrack Before Departure. Skip-the-line check-in is via the FastLine which is separate from the main counter. Here you can go through passport control and aviation security. The service is available to customers who have booked it in advance on the ORMAX website.

FastTrack Upon Arrival. For customers who ordered the service at ORMAX, you will discreetly go through passport control upon arrival skip the line, through the FastLane corridor, located separately from the main counter.

How to find it? You do not need to look for signs to pass the Fast Track at Elat-Ramon airport, the assistant at the airport will take care of everything.

Out-of-Line Baggage Check-in

Fast Track also includes expedited check-in and baggage drop-off. Since after filling out and paying for the application, you are automatically a client of ORMAX, you have the full right to quick check-in out of turn, regardless of the airline you are flying.

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