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Intercity Transportation Service

The main goal of tourists who come to Israel is to see all the beauty of nature and attractions, visit holy places, art galleries, unique reserves, as well as undergo health improvement at the Dead Sea resort. In order not to waste time moving around Israel by public transport, we offer a comfortable VIP passenger transportation in Israel in a private car with a driver.

ORMAX Israel Chauffeur Service has been providing VIP transport services in Israel with a driver for many years. Intercity transportation service in Israel is the most convenient way to see the maximum number of great religions in Jerusalem, study the history of the Israeli state, visit a huge number of mosques, temples, monasteries and churches.

If you do not have a planned route, and you are poorly guided in public transport in Israel, we will select for you a personal route with a premium car and a driver, taking into account your preferences and available time. You can choose your own entertainment and create your own cultural program.

Intercity transportation services to all cities in Israel

If you want to save precious time and ensure a delightful vacation for yourself – a transfer in Israel will be your assistant in these matters. We will deliver you with comfort and optimal time spending to the hotel, on an excursion or to a business meeting.

VIP transfer Israel

An individual or group transfer in Israel is your comfort, prestige and convenience. You must admit how pleasant it is when you are greeted as a VIP person right next to the plane’s ramp, then escorted into a private car with a driver, taken to your destination, helped to check into a hotel, or waiting while you enjoy the views and sights of Israel.

For collective transfers in the cities of Israel, we have a huge selection of VIP minibuses and minivans with air conditioning, comfortable chairs, TVs, Wi-Fi, and other useful technical equipment in our fleet.

The main feature of the VIP transfer in Israel is the ability to order a transfer in Israel for a one-time trip from point A to point B, or order a minivan or minibus for a longer period for family travel. Choose your best route, and don’t worry about public transport timetables.

For many years ORMAX has been engaged in individual and family transfers in Israel, and offers its customers exclusively new cars with increased comfort, route planning taking into account the wishes of passengers, pleasant and attentive drivers.

Transfer to cities Israel

Intercity Passenger Transportation in Israel

We guarantee timely delivery of a car to the beginning of your route. We provide VIP transport services for you: group and individual to absolutely any city in Israel.

Make an order for transfer in Israel, and we will deliver the car to the airport for your flight and transport you to any city in Israel, take you to a hotel or to an event.

The advantages of ordering a VIP transfer in Israel with us:

  • affordable and adequate prices for premium cars, which do not depend on the time of day, day of the week and season,
  • comfortable cars with excellent technical equipment are at your service,
  • a huge private car fleet with vehicles of various capacities from 1 to 50 people,
  • Convenience of moving around Israel, saving time in queues in public transport.
Transfer in Israel

City Transport Services in Israel

Our team employs exclusively professionals, all drivers with extensive experience, tactful and attentive, speak several languages ​​and perfectly know the routes and roads of Israel. The priority of ORMAX is the comfort and safety of passengers on the way, flexible ordering conditions, affordable prices for group and individual transfers in Israel.

Differences between a taxi and an individual VIP transfer:

  1. Driver who speaks English
  2. For your convenience – climate control in the car
  3. When stopping at parking lots or in shops, the cost of the transfer will not increase, and the taxi driver may charge you additional payment
  4. Your trip is carried out in a comfortable car without checkers and taxi logos
  5. All the nuances of the transfer in Israel are negotiated in advance: route, cost, car brand, technical equipment of the car.
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