Airline Crew Transportation in Israel

Taxi transfer for air crews at Ben Gurion Airport
Airline Crew Transportation in Israel

Air crew transportation in Israel

After a long flight, crew members must feel tired. The work associated with ensuring other people’s comfort can be too physically and mentally tiring.

Suppose you want flight attendants and pilots to rest well and continue to delight passengers with excellent service. In that case, we recommend that you find the optimal transportation services for airline employees in Israel airports: Ben Gurion or Ramon.

The flight crew transfer service is available to provide transportation for employees to get from the airports (Ben Gurion or Ramon) to the hotel.

It will save them the worry of finding a taxi and give you peace of mind knowing that the staff is in good hands.

Why should the airline use private crew transfer?

Unlike public transport or calling a taxi, a private transfer from Israel Airports means that crew members will have a personal car and chauffeur for their stay in the country. An experienced driver who knows the area well will meet your employees, help them with their luggage and take them to their destination (usually a hotel).

A personal transfer allows pilots and flight attendants to relax and enjoy the trip without worrying about other passengers not associated with the team. Each employee receives a private space to relax and gain strength before or after the next flight.

Another significant benefit of an individual Airline Crew Transportation in Israel Airport (Ben Gurion or Ramon) is the ability to pre-plan the moment of transportation, taking into account the arrival time of employees. It means they don’t have to catch a car at the last minute or worry about how to get to the hotel using public transport.

Remember the financial aspect because the private transfer service saves you money compared to booking several taxi rides for all the pilots and flight attendants. It is an excellent option to reduce airline costs, especially when transporting many employees.

Transfer for pilots and stewardesses

Airline employees never stay long in one place. With frequent trips to Israel, getting your flight crew to and from your hotel and back to the airport can be daunting, sometimes requiring urgent solutions to ensure smooth flights. In such a situation, it is critical to establish a system that ensures your pilots and flight attendants are rested and arrive at work on time and at the specified place.

Advantages of air crew transfers in Israel

Israel private crew transfer
Air crew transportation in Israel

Let ORMAX take care of the transfer of your crew because professional drivers are ready to deliver pilots and flight attendants directly from the plane to the hotel using the most comfortable cars.

Consider other benefits of interacting with the organization:

  • Comfortable transport for your employees: the company has only the most comfortable and luxurious fleet at its disposal, while the list of available vehicles constantly expands. Your crew members will travel around Israel in clean, spacious, well-maintained cars.
  • Only polite and responsible drivers: the company interacts only with real professionals who undergo strict selection and checks, which means they are trustworthy. Experts will find the best route and drive the extra mile to guarantee you get the most out of your trip.
  • Easy booking: arranging a car rental with the company is very easy. ORMAX invests in technology to make life easier for customers. Avoid endless phone calls and long forms. Just enter your contact details, select the type of vehicle (VIP, premium, business, etc.), and the date and time of the transfer; if there are additional conditions, they can be listed in the «Comment» column. If necessary, you can cancel or change your booking.
  • Competitive pricing: implementing technology and efficient processes allows a company to offer competitive rates without saving. You can order a prestigious car for your staff and not go broke. The rental price depends on the distance and the automobile you are looking for employees.

ORMAX provides daily transfers to and from Israel Airports (Ben Gurion or Ramon), but specialists can move on a different route to meet all the needs of pilots and flight attendants.

ORMAX management may coordinate with airline representatives to ensure that all requirements of your flight schedule are met.

Your flight staff dreams of impeccable quality, reliability, and movement efficiency to enjoy a stress-free flight.

Why you should work with a trusted organization

ORMAX understands the importance of efficient crew performance as a critical aspect of efficient air travel; as the face of the airline, pilots and flight attendants need optimal support to carry out all their duties smoothly. Whether you need to move a few employees or a large group of specialists, the ORMAX team will find the optimal transport services for crews.

  • Suppose your flight crew members stay overnight in Israel. In that case, ORMAX offers a variety of vehicles to transport pilots and stewardesses, including VIP cars, premium cars, business cars, minivans, minivans, buses, etc. All ground transportation of the company is efficient and economical. It ensures a constant interaction between flight attendants, pilots, drivers, and dispatchers.
  • The safety of your employees is a top priority for the ORMAX service, and its drivers strictly adhere to strict rules and procedures. They are trained to use all vehicles in the company’s fleet professionally and are personally responsible for compliance with all driving laws. All cars are in perfect condition and pass inspection on time.
  • If you’re worried about hidden fees, you can sleep easily. Specialists announce all prices in advance so that your staff will not expect unpleasant surprises at the airport. Firms that provide transportation for aircrews in Israel understand how vital the transparency of all transactions is for you, so they want you to know exactly what you are paying for.
  • Qualified drivers know the cities of Israel where they work like the back of their hand. It means they can deliver staff to the hotel and the airport (Ben Gurion or Ramon) on time. You don’t have to worry about pilots and flight attendants getting lost or being late on a flight because they’re stuck in traffic.

ORMAX management is confident that booking a car for the transportation of airline crews should be as fast as possible, which is why specialists have simplified this procedure to a few clicks. You no longer need to call someone or write many emails. Just fill out the form with your contact information, the type of car you need, the date you booked, and other insights.

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