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VIP car rental with a driver

Are you planning a business meeting or a comfortable tourist vacation in Israel? Do you want to impress your partners and others with an exquisite car? Then our service “Rent a VIP car with a chauffeur in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities of Israel is just for you! VIP class cars in our fleet have an impeccable expensive look that will emphasize your taste and social status.

In the modern world, renting a VIP class car with a chauffeur has become a commonplace reality. All business people use this service all the time, as they need to move quickly around the city to visit a huge number of important places. Traveling by public transport is time consuming and uncomfortable.

Chauffeured VIP class rental car

VIP car in Israel

Today, renting a VIP car with a chauffeur in Israel has become very popular, because every year Israel is visited by a large number of tourists and business people. But there are not very many companies that offer VIP class transfer with a chauffeur in Israel. When renting a car from us, you will first of all be convinced of the ideal technical condition of the car, the high professionalism of the drivers, feel their benevolence and courtesy, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the huge selection of VIP class cars in our fleet.

Not all businessmen have their own private VIP car, and it may turn out that the car is being repaired – and it is urgently necessary to hold a business meeting with partners or investors. You can also call a taxi and get to your destination, but the level of a city taxi is much lower than VIP services for renting a car with a driver. Renting a VIP car in Israel will be an excellent solution for business travel and VIP events.

VIP service at Ramon airport
VIP car with a driver in Israel

VIP auto with driver in Israel

We are ready to provide you with a high-quality VIP car rental service with a chauffeur in Israel. You can use a VIP car rental with a chauffeur for shopping, business meetings, visiting restaurants and cafes or historical sites in Israel. Our drivers will be waiting for you in the vehicle while you visit the places you need. We offer VIP car rental with a chauffeur in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities of Israel.

For many years ORMAX has been providing VIP class car rental services in Israel, and has only positive reviews.

Why is it worth ordering a VIP class car with a chauffeur in Israel for business meetings?

  1. An experienced, polite, tidy chauffeur will be at your disposal for as long as you need. And you don’t have to overpay for waiting like in a taxi.
  2. You will not worry that you may be late for the event, as your personal driver will select the best route for you, taking into account possible traffic jams.
  3. No more taxi calls and long waiting times when the car arrives. An online VIP car rental with a chauffeur will be waiting for you exactly at the specified place at the specified time.
  4. No responsibility on your part for VIP car insurance and its technical condition. Rest assured, all machines are regularly serviced and washed.

VIP car rental service in Israel

Renting a VIP car with a chauffeur in Israel will help you concentrate solely on solving your work problems, or on seeing the sights of Israel.
Our drivers are always ready to fulfill any of your wishes related to renting a VIP car in Israel.

Renting a VIP class auto with a chauffeur is the most demanded service in Israel, which is constantly used by guests of our city: public figures, businessmen and politicians.

VIP class cars with driver Israel

Who will benefit from a VIP car rental with a chauffeur in Israel?

Our clients order VIP car with a driver for various events, and the price for them is affordable for almost any person.

  1. Marriage, which usually includes walks around the city, a photo session in the most beautiful corners of Israel, marriage registration, a trip to a restaurant, and then home or hotel. There are so many transfers in one day – and you simply cannot do without a VIP car with a personal chauffeur in order to be in time everywhere.
  2. Are relatives, friends, or business partners flying to you and you want to arrange a grand meeting for them at the airport? Online ordering a VIP car with a chauffeur in Israel will be the best option to surprise everyone.
  3. Renting a VIP car with a chauffeur in Israel will also come in handy for guests of the country who flew to see the sights in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Eilat or to improve their health at the Dead Sea. They want to spend their vacation in comfort, without thinking about how to get to the desired place.
  4. For business meetings or important negotiations, our service of renting a VIP car with a chauffeur in Israel is also useful. You will show your status and success in front of business partners.
VIP car with a driver in Israel
SUV, Jeep in Beit Shemesh

Rent a VIP car with a driver in Israel

When you rent a VIP car with a driver, you are freed from independent driving, and you can make an important call, review business papers, watch news on the Internet or just relax before a hard day at work.

Choose a VIP class auto with a driver and enjoy a comfortable ride around the cities of Israel. If you cannot decide which car you need, call our managers and we will definitely find the perfect option for you.

Experience all the advantages of VIP car rental in Israel:

  • Saving your time
  • Your comfort and safety, reliability and efficiency
  • Luxury and style
  • Support of your image
  • The highest level of service
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