Car for holidays in Israel

Israel car hire for a holiday

Car with a driver for holidays in Israel

Renting a car with a driver for the holidays in Israel is simple and convenient. It is enough to book the required date in advance, and on the appointed day your chosen car with a driver or even a whole cortеge will be waiting for you. The most popular cars for events are VIP class sedans. Birthdays, anniversaries or graduation with such a car will be remembered for a long time. Especially for special events in our fleet there are premium class cars: Mercedes, BMW or another brand of your choice.

Car for events in Israel

You can rent a premium car for a Birthday, anniversary or graduation in Israel for an unlimited time: for several hours, for a day and for several days. We also offer you a huge selection of cars for any event in Israel. You can order prestigious cars with a driver from ORMAX:


for wedding


for anniversary


for birthdays


and other events

Jeep with private driver in Israel

Rent a car with a driver for events in Israel

We have experienced drivers that guarantee your safety. If you are planning a major event, but cannot choose which car to rent, we will help you make the right choice. Leave a request on our website and an experienced manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order. As a result of our cooperation, you:

  • enjoy every second of the happiest day of your life;
  • don’t worry about being on time for the ceremony;
  • make sure this day will be unforgettable.
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