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Group transfer and shuttle service in Israel by bus or minibus

Group transfer in Israel (shuttle service) is a type of transfer for a group of passengers by bus or minibus, which are followed along the same route. Individual, charter buses are a comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective type of car. ORMAX experience will help you plan your group trip in Israel, regardless of the purpose of renting a group transfer in Israel, whether it be corporate or school events, a wedding event, or an airport shuttle.

If you order a group transfer in Israel on ORMAX, you will be sure of the professionalism of the driver who will accompany you from the moment you board the bus to the last stop. Experienced drivers go through a series of driving and personality tests. Our qualified group transfer booking managers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact them by phone or by filling out the feedback form by clicking the “Reservation” button. Concentrate on a great travel experience and let us arrange a group transfer in Israel, no matter where you go.

Book a group transfer in Israel from/to the airport

To book a group transfer in Israel from/to the airport TLV, you must order a seat on the bus or minibus. The advantage of this type of transfer is that you are independent of the public transfer schedule. The shuttle delivers passengers on a convenient schedule. The group transfer driver meets arriving tourists with a sign at the exit from the arrivals area. Passengers meeting takes up to 45 minutes. If your flight is delayed, please inform our manager about it by calling.

Luggage allowance. For a group transfer in Israel by bus or minibus, there is one place for checked baggage (up to 158 cm), and one place for hand luggage (up to 55x40x20 cm). If you have more than the specified amount of luggage or bulky luggage, please indicate this in the booking form in the “Additional information” field.

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Group Transfer Services in Israel

Corporate events. ORMAX provides transfer services for corporate events, regardless of scale. Group transfers in Israel on charter buses throughout the country or in the city. Your corporate meetings, business events, conventions, or conferences will be easy.

Wedding event. Your guests will not be late for the most important event of your life. Rent a bus or minibus for a group transfer in Israel for a wedding and your celebration will take place according to your scenario – from meeting guests at the airport to transfering them between wedding venues.

Religious travel. ORMAX group transfer will help you take your group to the main Christian sites in Israel to see their sights. Just book the service and indicate on the order form where you are going, whether you want to make stops on the way at shrines or religious sights, and the number of people in your group.

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