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Your private car chauffeur service in Israel

Luxury Chauffeur Service Car Israel is considered today to be the one of the most popular services among successful people who choose comfort during any trip they make. ORMAX appreciates every customer and offers impeccable service.

We are ready to offer our customers a big choice of business and luxury cars. Our fleet of vehicles includes only new models of the Mercedes brand and other luxury brands. All of them are distinguished by their decent appearance, elegant interior and excellent technical characteristics. At the same time, the fleet is regularly renewed. We guarantee 100% quality of the services provided.

Luxury Transport Service is a perfect solution for special occasions, important meetings, holidays. All cars are in perfect technical condition. We provide the most transparent working conditions, and for our regular customers we are ready to offer a discount system. To provide our customers with ultimate comfort, we are ready to offer such a service as a VIP Israel Chauffeured Car Service. If you need to pick up an important guest from the airport, arrange a wedding procession or you are just used to seeing yourself as a passenger, then the VIP Car Chauffeur Service Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities of Israel. is exactly what you need.


israel chauffeur service
chauffeur service israel

Ben Gurion airport transfer service

Our company provides a transfer from the most popular airport in Israel – Ben Gurion Airport. From year to year we provide quality service to our customers and give them comfort and peace of mind during the transfer from the airport. The transfer is carried out in luxury cars only. We always have cars available to satisfy any demand of a personal visit and a group trip. At your request, a luxury car without the taxi checker pattern will come to pick you up and a friendly chauffeur will open the door for you.
VIP customer service makes us constantly improving and we strive to be one step ahead of the market to ensure the quality of services at the appropriate level. For a personal trip you just need to order VIP chauffeur service Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and you will feel what VIP class service is. If you specify the exact date and flight number you will be met by a chauffeur with a sign ORMAX luxury car chauffeur service in Israel.


Who do we work for?

ORMAX Israel Chauffeur Services – these are clean cars in excellent condition. There are no stickers and drafts on them like in a taxi. In the cabin – cleanliness, air conditioning and no foreign smell. The driver will ask about your favorite radio station and adjust to your mood with the desire to help you with practical advice on a visit to Israel.

Our VIP transfer services can satisfy a wide variety of needs. We make every effort to provide high-quality premium transfer services for those visiting Tel Aviv. ORMAX Car Chauffeur Service in Israel means neat cars in excellent condition. There are no stickers and taxi checker patterns. The passenger compartment is clean, air conditioned and without any foreign smell. The chauffeur will ask about your favorite radio station and adjust to your mood with the desire to help you with practical advice on your visit to Israel.
Instead of the ordinary taxi to the airport, you can order the ORMAX Chauffeur Car Service Israel in advance. The cost of the trip is fixed and does not change depending on the time of day and traffic jams. We will help you with your luggage and meet you with a sign if you specify the flight number.

We accept your desire to choose us as your reliable partner for any trip and to meet any needs that may arise during the transfer. Our chauffeurs know how to satisfy any demand, no matter how difficult it may seem to you. Your good mood is our biggest reward and we always strive to exceed your expectations.

chauffeur service in israel
chauffeurs in israel
chauffeurs israel

The vehicles we provide you with are completely ready to use. Comfortable armchairs make your trip pleasant and there is enough space for legs even for tall passengers. If necessary, you can turn on music in the passenger compartment appropriate to your style and mood.

In addition to renting out cars per day, we offer:
• Quick ordering;
• Timely servicing, no delays;
• Organization of children transfer;
• Good wi-fi connection in every car;
• Drinking water for every customer;
• Complete documentation;
ORMAX provides a high level of service, comfortable and safe trips!

ORMAX Israel Chauffeur Car Servive the best choiсe for VIP transfer

To pre-order leave a request on the site. Having received your request, our manager analyzes the history of your cooperation with us and you will make new friends among our employees before you know it.

What You Should Expect From Our Cooperation

We are devoted to you and work to satisfy your needs. We believe that our mission is to get every little thing over to our client providing our reliable luxury services. We are always ready to pass an additional mile for you no matter how big your request is. That’s why you should expect the best of our private chauffeur service in Israel.

You never feel stressed hitting antsy drivers stuck in heavy traffic or desperately hunting for a parking place and feeling like babe in the woods. You just stay calm and relaxed or make your business on the way to your destination. Don’t worry about any terms or about your safety – relax and feel only comfort of your first class car.

We take your satisfaction in our best service as our biggest reward. That’s why our drivers will do their best to make your journey pleasant and peaceful. We care about your every demand and requirement for you to surely like our service by the end of a day.

Our fleet of vehicles includes luxury cars only that’s why we guarantee you will be pleased with their high comfort level. Every car is equipped with leather sits and climate control system as well as with other conveniences helping you to be more effective in your tasks and at the same time enjoy every moment of your journey. Moreover, except of our limousine in Tel Aviv you may choose any kind of car according to your preferences and required capacity – we offer luxury cars for travelling alone, in small groups and big ones with 5-10 people involved.

The comfort you get with our services is the key value parameter for us and we guarantee you will love it. We will think and care about any additional tasks that might appear while driving or travelling to another city, that’s why you may be sure our driver will complete them all and become your faithful guide. We care about every little detail not to interrupt your trip and make it comfort.

We take your security and privacy very seriously, so you can be sure that any information you disclose, including travel details or any business data, will be kept confidential.

Moreover, if you are concerned about your safety, you can always ask us to take additional security measures. Rent a chauffeur luxury car and we will take care of you throughout your stay in Israel. We care about your security or cooperate with your security staff for you to enjoy our services without any problems.

Private Chauffeur Service Israel


Our philosophy is “Customer Satisfaction through Reliable and High-Quality Service”. This can be achieved thanks to the professionalism of our chauffeurs. They ensure reliability in our work and compliance with the highest standards both in our service and throughout our fleet of vehicles. We believe that our professional personal Israel chauffeur car service guarantees peace of mind, safety and trust of our customers.

VIP fleet of vehicles

We choose our cars taking into account your comfort and convenience. Our fleet consists of luxury cars, as they have earned your trust as the most reliable and comfortable VIP cars. Our cars can satisfy the most diverse needs: starting from a limo for your personal trip and ending with a group of dozens of people. All the cars are equipped with leather seats and air control system. Order the chauffeur VIP service and you won’t regret. You can always order a luxury car on our website. A pleasant chauffeur who knows the city and the rules of decorum will drive the car. He will take into account your wishes on your favorite radio station, the route and temperature in the passenger compartment and even the style of driving. Our cars are always neat and well maintained. There are no stickers or taxi identification signs on them. You will be picked up by a car that will not make you ashamed when coming to a business meeting or taking a close person to the airport.

mercedes s class israel
S Class

Formerly known as “Sonderklasse”, these Mercedes cars are full-size luxury flagship cars that meet the highest standards of comfort and reliability. This class of cars is also known as the one that pioneered innovation, so you can enjoy the modern sophistication of the latest technology.


mercedes e class israel
E Class

This class is represented by a number of reputable cars that can satisfy many needs as they come with different engine and body configurations. These vehicles are often characterized as those that have the highest comfort to cost ratio, and they are often more preferable than the previous category.


mercedes v class with driver israel
V Class

V Class cars include spacious sedans and the ability to install or remove a three-seat bench at the rear of the car. Thus, these cars allow you to either accommodate more people or provide more space for your luggage depending on what your needs are. This class is very popular – make a request on the site in advance to avoid the hype on the day of your arrival in the country. If you use the VIP Chauffeur Service, you will be able to enjoy the trip without being distracted by the busy city traffic.


mersedes vito executive class
VITO Executive Class

These luxury vans are known not only for their comfort, but also for their additional carrying capacity of up to 1369 kg. That’s why they are the best choice for those who need to travel comfortably and move heavy luggage from place to place. The Luxury Transport Service for passenger and cargo transportation will give you the necessary service and comfortable transfer to anywhere in Israel.


Taxi transfer for air crews at Ben Gurion Airport
Hyundai Staria

Our Hyundai Staria rental service offers not only the allure of a cutting-edge vehicle but the added convenience of a skilled driver, allowing you to focus solely on soaking in the beauty of Israel.


mersedes sprinter class

These are light commercial vehicles that can serve as a van, minibus or pickup van. Sprinter is your best choice if your need to move loads even heavier than the ones suitable for the Vito Executive Class cars. Order a Chauffeur Luxury Transport Service in advance and you will be able to properly allocate the time during your trip.


Limousine rental Israel
Other Options

If you need a car for a special occasion, you can choose from a variety of luxury Israel cars, which add that special feeling to such an important occasion. If you do not need a higher class of a car or economy class, we have a choice of cars for your needs, which you can choose by ordering them in advance. Leave the request on our website and we can cater to your needs upon request.


helicopter israel

If you’re looking for an even more extraordinary experience, consider our helicopter rental services. Elevate your special occasion to new heights with our luxurious helicopters, offering a unique and unforgettable way to explore Israel. Book your helicopter adventure with us today!


Why You Can Count On Us

Our company provides customers with new luxury cars in perfect technical condition. Their appearance does not resemble a taxi: strict colors, no advertising outside and no loud music inside the car. You will be picked up by a pleasant and tidy chauffeur who will not bother you with unnecessary conversations. He will adjust the climate control system to a pleasant temperature and turn on your favorite radio. Our chauffeurs have good manners and they can always keep up the conversation if you want to ask something about the country or places where you can spend time.
With us you can be sure that everything will go according to your plan, no delays or unforeseen situations. You are guaranteed to get a reliable and professional chauffeurs in Israel who will satisfy your curiosity about the city, country and its culture. We set our standards to a high level in order to meet your expectations. Order the luxury car service and your stay in the country will be comfortable and well-planned. Our cooperation should be fruitful, and for this there are a number of reasons.

Transfer from airport Israel

We satisfy your needs

We believe that our mission is to satisfy your needs as good as we can. That is why our chauffeurs know how to best satisfy your special needs, no matter how complicated they may seem. Order a VIP transport service and you will have nothing to worry about. Whatever you require, we are here to give it to you. Your requests for a chauffeur cannot be too complicated and impracticable – we strive to provide you with a service adapted to your personal or business needs, whatever they may be.
Do you need to change the route at the very last moment? Would you like our chauffeur to take you on a gastronomic tour to the best restaurants in the city? Would you prefer our chauffeur to pick you up with something extraordinary beforehand? We are always ready to go the extra mile for you, so think about it – all you have to do is to describe your requirements and enjoy the transfer.

Rent car for travel Israel

We help you discover Israel

Do you lack information on the cultural heritage of Israel? This is not something to worry about. Our chauffeurs have in-depth knowledge of the country, cities and streets. If you order the Chauffeur Luxury Service, we guarantee you the visits to the best places, according to your needs. Our chauffeurs in Israel know the fastest route, as they take into account normal traffic, and they can always give you the right piece of advice when you need to find a restaurant or any other place. If you come to the city to relax and enjoy life, our chauffeur can take a tour of the city according to your preferences. Ordering a luxury airport transfer service is an excellent solution to get VIP comfort in our hospitable climate.
You can rely on our Israel chauffeurs if you want to experience first-class places and discover the city at its best. If you need to get into a certain office building or any other building in any part of the city, our chauffeurs will take you there using the most appropriate route. With our transport service you will experience the best of Israel.

Auto VIP class rent Israel

Taking care of your safety and privacy

We follow standard security protocols and are always ready to update them at your request. We always treat your safety professionally. Wherever you are, you can feel safe with our service. That is the reason why diplomatic missions trust us and high-ranking clients choose us. Moreover, we care about your privacy – we do not disclose any information about our cooperation. You can be sure that your privacy will not be violated.
In addition, we understand that you entrust us with your life when you get into our car. Therefore, we carefully select our chauffeurs being very demanding to their driving skills. When you are inside our car, you can be sure that the chauffeur thinks about your safety along every mile of your trip.

Personal driver airport Israel

We provide White Glove services

We train our chauffeurs in etiquette techniques to make sure that we provide top class chauffeur services. For example, if you decide to use the limo services in Israel, you can be sure that the chauffeur will meet you and open the door for you.
Our chauffeurs are polite and respectful, they respect your privacy and know how to best meet your every need. You can expect respectful attitude and tactful communication – we guarantee that there will be no annoying conversations or misunderstandings, only professionalism and sophisticated servicing.

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