VIP Meet and Greet Ben Gurion airport

VIP service Ben Gurion

VIP passenger support Ben Gurion airport upon arrival

ORMAX will make your stay more enjoyable with our service “VIP Meet and Greet Ben Gurion airport service”:

  • Your accompanying driver will meet you at the exit from the plane
  • Accelerated passport control
  • Expedited baggage claim
  • Expedited customs
  • Transfers to the terminal

VIP meet and greet at Ben Gurion airport are gaining popularity every day

All successful businessmen, officials, representatives of the upper circles of society and owners of large companies use the VIP meeting service at Ben Gurion airport. We work on the principle that the client is always right, the needs of the client are above all. We are constantly improving and flexibly adjusting to absolutely any wishes of our clients.

Booking VIP Meet and Greet Ben Gurion airport service

ORMAX provides a support service for VIP passengers at Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) Tel Aviv who flew to Israel. With us you will enjoy fast check-in and hassle-free transportation around the airport. The VIP Arrival Assistance service is Tel Aviv ideal for VIPs, business people, families or casual tourists who want to enjoy their arrival in Israel from the moment they step off the plane. By ordering a VIP meeting service at Ben Gurion Airport, you are guaranteed to get a pleasant acquaintance with the country from the cabin of our transfer car.

Ben Gurion airport meet service Tel Aviv

Support for VIP passengers at Ben Gurion Airport upon departure

The advantage of ordering the VIP farewell service at Ben Gurion Airport is that passengers leaving Israel do not waste their time in queues for departure. Typically, the time spent at the airport takes up to 3 hours due to the increased level of security. With the VIP Assistant at Ben Gurion Airport upon departure, your time will be reduced to 2 hours, this is how much time it takes for an expedited security check before check-in and boarding. With ORMAX, you will get: fast check-in, fast hand luggage screening, accelerated passport control.

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FAQ - VIP meet and greet Ben Gurion Airport

What is the VIP meet and greet service in Tel Aviv?

The VIP meet and greet service in Tel Aviv is a personalized assistance and guidance service. It offers a seamless and convenient transition through various stages of the journey, such as arrival at the airport, immigration and customs procedures, and transportation to the intended destination, be it a hotel or a tourist attraction. VIP meet and greet service often includes additional perks such as exclusive access to events, private tours, and reservations at renowned restaurants, offering a tailor-made and memorable experience in Tel Aviv.

What is Meet and Greet Service?

VIP meet and greet service in Tel Aviv entails personalized assistance provided to travelers, ensuring a hassle-free journey through various stages of their trip, from arrival to departure.

How do I book a VIP meet and greet service in Tel Aviv?

You can booking online a VIP meet and greet service with Ormax. This is a great way to enhance your travel experience and enjoy the best of what Tel Aviv has to offer. Just fill the form or call us.

Can I expect assistance beyond the airport with a VIP meet and greet service?

Yes, VIP meet and greet services extend beyond the airport, covering transportation, accommodation booking, and even guided tours of popular attractions in Israel.

Is a VIP meet and greet service expensive?

While there is a cost associated with VIP meet and greet services, the benefits, including time saved and stress reduced, often outweigh the expense for those seeking a premium travel experience. When ordering a meet and greet service at an Israeli airport through Ormax company, you will also have a discount on transfers within Israel. This additional benefit further enhances the value and convenience of your travel experience, providing cost savings for your transportation needs within the country. Enjoy a seamless journey and explore Israel with ease, all while benefiting from this special offer on transfers.

Are VIP meet and greet services suitable for solo travelers?

Absolutely! VIP meet and greet services cater to solo travelers, offering personalized assistance and guidance, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable trip in Tel Aviv.

Can I customize my VIP meet and greet experience?

Yes, we can customization of your meet and greet experience, tailoring it to your specific needs and preferences.

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