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Why choose Ormax Israel Chauffeur Service?

Ormax specializes in luxury transfer services in Israel. Here you can hire a luxury car for any purpose. We offer only the best cars, while keeping the prices at an affordable level. We care not only about comfort, but also about safety of our customers. All cars are in perfect technical condition. Before arranging a car for a customer, our experts always inspect it. Here you can hire a car for any time. We are flexible in pricing, call us and our prices will be a welcome surprise for you. We provide a guarantee for our services. You can hire a VIP car for driving on your own, or use a private chauffeur service. The fleet of vehicles includes luxury cars from the most famous luxury car brands, therefore every customer can choose the best option for him-/herself or for the group.
We work to ensure comfort of every customer and offer only the best conditions for the services offered. Over the years, we have developed a firm corporate culture and any chauffeur who works for us feels it. We create the mood for our customers, and this good mood always accompanies our passengers – from the chauffeur’s friendly smile on meeting them to the parting handshake. Our every customer always returns, and is often not alone. A lot of our customers recommend us and receive a referral discount for the next trip. Among our customers are wealthy people, who value this friendly discount, which is always a pleasant surprise that perfectly complements our VIP service. Due to such small details in our service, we confidently keep our leading position in Israel Chauffeur Service.

ORMAX Israel Shauffer Service

ORMAX has a long-term experience in providing VIP transfer services in Israel. We are one of the best service providers who care about your comfort and convenience. Our mission is to create the mood for our passengers, providing reliable and pleasant service.

Our mission is embodied in our detailed and comprehensive standards and guidelines so as to always provide first-class impeccable services. Therefore, we carefully select our fleet of VIP cars and highly qualified chauffeurs to make sure that they will contribute to the quality standards of our company.

Due to our special attention to the tiniest details, our customers can relax while we take care about their comfort, safety and privacy. We guarantee that each and every trip is pleasant and comfortable for you; enjoy every moment of staying with us while we carefully transfer you to the place of your destination.

We believe that traveling is extremely important to achieve the goal. Therefore, we are here to make your traveling unforgettable. No matter where you go, we apply all our efforts to provide you with the comfort you deserve.

As a result of our focused work, the number of our regular customers, both corporate and individual, continues to grow. We focus on taking care of you, paying attention to any details of the trip, so that nothing may distract you from a pleasant stay with us during your trip.

We are ready to secure any request. We have the individual passenger service, and our fleet of vehicles can meet the request of VIP group transfer. Luxury transport services for a corporate group is becoming a popular service for business delegations and diplomatic missions.

We have been working in the market of Israel for a long time, but our service is known far beyond its borders. Our customers not only recommend us to their friends and partners, but also seek our services in other capitals of the world they travel to, they remember our warm welcome and excellent service.

Service advantages

Professional chauffeurs. Not only are they experienced, attentive and responsible, but they are also tactful and well-mannered. Moreover, they undergo a regular medical examination in the clinics of Israel. As a result, any trip you take is absolutely safe.

Well prepared vehicles. Each car undergoes an inspection in a timely manner, it is checked up monthly by the QS expert. Correct operation of vehicles ensures safety of passengers and the company chauffeur, we monitor this as responsibly as all other service elements.

Elaborate service. We take into account all customer wishes, and are able to provide for transfer not only big buses, but also compact minibuses. We pay special attention to punctuality, politeness of our personnel, neatness and cleanliness of our vehicles, comfort of our passengers.

What We offer

Our chauffeurs are polite and respectful, they respect your privacy and know how to best meet your every need. You can expect respectful attitude and tactful communication – we guarantee that there will be no annoying conversations or misunderstandings, only professionalism and sophisticated servicing.

Mercedes-Benz and luxury cars only
Our fleet of vehicles consists only of Mercedes-Benz, E-Class, Mercedes-Benz Viano, Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars and other luxury cars.

All about comfort
Each car has free WiFi, an umbrella in case of rain, recent periodicals and newspapers and drinking water for each passenger.

Safe taxi
Each car undergoes a regular technical inspection, chauffeurs undergo a medical examination and regularly do qualification upgrading courses.

Bank card payment possibility
Each car provides customers with the possibility to pay by VISA and MasterCard.

Travelling with children
Every ORMAX VIP car is equipped with a child-restraint system for the safety of the youngest passengers.

ORMAX Israel Shauffer Service operator VIP transfers
in the market of Israel

The market of Israel is too demanding and not everyone can work in it. Our team, working in the VIP car service challenges its own ambitions, thus our results speak for themselves. Each of our customers will be satisfied and receive services beyond expectations, when ordering luxury transport services from our company. We confidently hold the leadership in the segment of the airport transfer service in Israel.

We select our chauffeurs carefully

It is more pleasant to get around Israel with a personal chauffeur, and not with a regular taxi. We pick you up at the Ben Gurion Airport with a sign Ormax Israel Chauffeur Service, take you to any of the city’s attractions or take you to your destination. Ormax chauffeurs know the city well, drive carefully and do not chat while driving. Being polite and pleasant to talk to, they compare favorably with typical drivers. They will open the door you, find your favorite radio station and help with heavy suitcases.
We are responsible for everything our chauffeurs do, so we guarantee that the services they provide are of the highest quality. We guarantee that the actions of our chauffeurs correspond to the quality of our corporate services. We thoroughly test our candidates, so only the best of them with relevant experience and impeccable driving skills can become your chauffeurs.
However, these are not just driving skills that we test – we guarantee that our chauffeurs know how to meet your needs and how to interact with you. In addition, we teach our chauffeurs good manners, security measures and confidentiality principles, as well as a communication rules to ensure that you will be satisfied with our services at the end of the day.

We save your time

Our chauffeurs always arrive in advance to pick you up and always make sure there are no delays. In addition, we prepare everything you need in accordance with your requests to make sure that you have everything you need when you arrive. All you need is to order our services by leaving a request on the site in advance. Since our chauffeurs know the city and its streets very well, the risk of being late for an important meeting reduces to zero – our chauffeurs know how to get to the destination better than any GPS. If you need to make changes to your route at any time, you will still get to the place on time wherever you are.

By providing our VIP chauffeur services in Israel, we take care of your travel and you can relax or concentrate on your business objectives. We work tirelessly to make more space in your busy schedule for what is really important to you.

Paying attention to the smallest details

We will miss nothing. We believe that every detail matters, as it contributes to your overall attitude towards the city and the country as a whole. We strive to turn every moment of cooperation with us into a positive life experience.
That is why we carefully prepare everything we need for our cooperation and take care of any request that you may have in advance. Whether it is getting certain things and bringing them to the landing site or providing advice on the best places to visit. We know how to make your holiday unforgettable.

Customer satisfaction through reliable and quality service

By careful selection of top-class cars and thorough recruitment of the most professional chauffeurs, we guarantee that our customers always receive excellent service and maximum comfort. The constantly growing number of our regular customers, both corporate and individual, is indicative of our service record. Our fleet of vehicles includes only VIP cars. Luxury cars perfectly reflect the excellence and grandeur that our customers are accustomed to. These are the key parameters, which constitute the corporate philosophy of Ormax in Israel Chauffeur Service.

Ormax advantages


Our fleet of vehicles includes a large selection of luxury cars, buses and minibuses with a capacity of 6 to 20 seats. Our consultants will help you find the best solution for your goals.


We guarantee that every vehicle is in excellent technical condition and is inspected every day. Serviceability and reliability of our fleet of vehicles ensures your comfortable and safe transfer, and does not break your schedule of events or trips.


All our chauffeurs undergo professional training and have work experience of minimum 10 years. They also possess strong knowledge of cities and roads all over Israel. Experienced chauffeurs can transfer you to any place in Tel Aviv, as well as all over the territory of Israel without haste and just in time.


Upon meeting or departure, we provide one hour free stand-by period at the airport. Transfer to the airports and stations of Israel can be done on a pre-agreed route, in accordance with the agreed schedule.


We take care of our young passengers, so at your request the cars may be equipped with child safety seats and booster cushions for children under 10 years of age. We also provide baby bassinets.


We have presented only fixed prices for the arrangement of a minivan and kilometer performance. We guarantee no additional costs – the price announced by the manager will remain unchanged until the end of the trip.

It is convenient and profitable to cooperate with us by ordering luxury transport services for traveling around Tel Aviv and all over Israel!

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