Toyota Land Cruiser with a driver in Israel


Toyota Land Cruiser with a driver

The Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser combines boundless strength, power, and luxury. Demonstrate your high status – rent a Toyota with a driver in Israel. Powerful wheels, voluminous side ribs, and bumper give the car a masculine, chic look. Designed for easy passage of difficult road sections: gravel, sand, off-road, pits, and potholes. Every detail of the cabin is created for a comfortable stay in the car for both passengers and the driver. To order a high-quality luxury SUV Toyota with a driver, contact our managers in a way convenient for you.

Travel in comfort wherever you go, with Toyota Land Cruiser with a driver rental in Israel or another SUV model from our fleet

Brief characteristics of the Toyota Land Cruiser


Cylinders 4
Max. speed 175 km/h
Acceleration: 0 – 100 km/h 9,9 sec
Max. power 200 h.p.


Length 4857 mm
Width 1885 mm
Tanks 640 liters

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