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Car with driver in Israel

Car with driver in Haifa

If you are planning to visit one of the picturesque cities of Israel – Haifa and admire its sights and not being distracted by the road, we advise you to rent a car with a driver in Haifa. We offer a convenient and reliable travel option in Haifa, with the option of choosing a car. If you want a luxury car to emphasize your status, then we offer you S class sedans.

For family travel, choose the Vito minivan. Of course, you can rent car with a private driver in Haifa through car sharing, but you should comply with some conditions for this. You can order a car with a driver in Haifa on ORMAX at any time and you don’t need a driver’s license for this.

Benefits of the personal driver service in Haifa

Travelers visit Haifa to admire the amazing landscapes of this city. Arriving here, you will forget about the monotonous workdays and completely immerse yourself in the stunning natural views. Do you want to see historical and natural attractions? Rent a car in Haifa with a driver for an unforgettable sightseeing tour.

If you rent a car in Haifa with a driver, then the following advantages await you:


You are not responsible for the rented car


No lease agreements or mileage restrictions


No additional vehicle insurance fee


No refueling or monitoring of the fuel level in the tank

The big plus of renting a car with a driver in Haifa is that you can visit amazing places at a time convenient for you and be independent of roads and navigation. A car with a driver in Haifa will take you to the picturesque beaches of Bat Galim or Dado, surrounded by gardens and a park for relaxation. Unlimited car rental with a driver in Haifa will allow you to spend an unforgettable day on the beach.

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Car with a driver in Haifa - rental tips

When you are renting a car with a driver in Haifa, consider a few facts to make your trip perfect:

  • How many fellow travelers travel with you
  • Are you traveling with children
  • What budget do you have
  • What type of car is acceptable for you (sedan, minivan, minibus)

Book a car with a private driver in Haifa in advance and we will find for you the best option that suits you.

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