Car rental with driver Eilat

Car with driver in Israel

Car with driver in Eilat

Car with a driver service in Eilat with a driver is ideal for travelers who want to be independent of public transport. ORMAX offers premium, business, comfort class cars, and SUVs. After looking through our fleet and choosing the appropriate class of car, order a car with a driver in Eilat online through the feedback form on the Booking page.

With a private driver in Eilat, you will forget about the GPS navigation system and will be able to move around the city without additional expenses for refueling. You don’t have to look for a car rental office, a car with a personal driver in Eilat will arrive at the place you specified and will be at your disposal for a period that is acceptable to you.

Benefits of the personal driver service in Eilat

Renting a car with a driver in Eilat is a simple and safe process, with a number of advantages that you will receive when booking:


You are not responsible for the rented car


No lease agreements or mileage restrictions


No additional vehicle insurance fee


No refueling or monitoring of the fuel level in the tank

Start your comfortable journey with ORMAX on a car with a driver (Eilat) and you will see the incredible canyons of Timna National Park. “Alien” valley and copper mines near the volcanic Timna mountain. With a private driver in Eilat, you will get a guided tour to Dolphin Reef surrounded by gorgeous beaches and snorkel at the bright sea bottom of the Red Sea.

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Car with a private driver in Eilat - rental tips

When renting a car with a driver in Eilat, consider a few facts to make your trip perfect:

  • How many fellow travelers travel with you
  • Are you traveling with children
  • What budget do you have
  • What type of car is acceptable for you (sedan, minivan, minibus)

Book a private driver in Eilat in advance and we will find for you the best option.

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