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Tel Aviv Chauffeured Limousine Service

If you are planning to visit Tel Aviv and be independent of the roads of one of the major cities of Israel, we advise you to book a car with driver service in Tel Aviv on the ORMAX website before your trip. With us, you will get rid of the crowd of tourists and will be able to see all the amazing places in Tel Aviv.

Chauffeured Limousine Service in Tel Aviv is an opportunity to travel around the city in different ways convenient for you if you don’t want to miss anything. A private driver in Tel Aviv will introduce to you a modern city with picturesque beaches, resorts on the Mediterranean coast, contemporary art museums, restaurants, and cafes of local and European cuisine.

Discover Chauffeured Service Benefits in Tel Aviv

Cars for every taste

A huge selection of premium cars for every taste: from sedans to limousines, minivans, buses

English speaking drivers

English speaking drivers and 24/7 technical support

We will pick you up from the airport

There are many car rental companies in Israel with desks located at Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) on the ground floor of the main terminal. It is worth considering that for a rental car you must obtain an international driving license and a domestic driving license. By ordering a car with a driver service in Jerusalem, you will be 100% sure that the car will be at your disposal and the trip by car to Jerusalem will pass quickly.

No extra fees

No extra fees and commissions

Without long queues for a taxi

You will be freed from long queues for a taxi and immediately go to the desired destination

Book Now, Pay Later

You can book a transfer from Israel airport online, and it will not take much of your time

Flexibility of orders

The flexibility of orders – you can cancel services without fines, or make changes to the route, time, and directly ordered vehicle

No stress on the road

Renting a car in Tel Aviv with a driver is the best option for Israeli visitors. Very often, local drivers use the signal of cars on the road to show their indignation or annoyance. Therefore, if you have a calm nature, it will be unusual for you to hear this constantly while driving, or to be more persistent in order to change lanes. We provide you with safe and comfortable movement on the Tel Aviv roads. All travel time is left to you. With Tel Aviv Chauffeur Services you don’t have to worry about navigation, especially during rush hours. An experienced driver knows the routes of a large city perfectly and will focus on ensuring to make your trip safe and comfortable.

Business trips

Using a mobile phone is prohibited if you are driving, and such an offense is subject to a high penalty. Therefore, if you arrived in Israel on business issues, then a car with a driver in Tel Aviv is a big plus. On the road, you can answer important calls or work with documents. You can also order a personal driver in Tel Aviv for the entire duration of a business trip, it is much more convenient than a taxi, public transport, or a rented car.

Nice To Meet You, Cliente!


ORMAX Chauffeur Service provides a full range of exclusive TLV airport transfers that will create a special comfortable atmosphere before and after your flight:  comfortable VIP travel, bringing luggage to the car, taking luggage to the plane, free Wi-Fi.

Personal driver in Israel

Booking Tips About Chauffeured Service in Tel Aviv

When renting a car with a driver in Tel Aviv, consider a few facts to ensure your trip is perfect:

  • How many fellow travelers travel with you
  • Are you traveling with children
  • What budget do you have
  • What type of car is acceptable for you (sedan, minivan, minibus)

Order a car with a chauffeur in Tel Aviv in advance and we will find for you the best option.

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