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The recently unveiled Fattal Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport stands as a luxurious VIP facility, offering a respite from the common stresses associated with airports, particularly at Ben Gurion, where stringent security measures often result in prolonged waits. In contrast to the standard recommendation of arriving three hours before departure, travelers using the Fattal Terminal need only be at Ben Gurion two hours prior to their scheduled takeoff. This VIP terminal ensures a more relaxed travel experience for individuals entering or leaving Israel. Within the exclusive confines of the terminal, passengers can seamlessly complete all pre-flight procedures, including check-in, security screenings, hand luggage checks, and passport control, all managed by a dedicated VIP agent.

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To enhance the overall comfort of travelers during their time at the airport, Fattal Terminal provides a range of amenities and services. Passengers have the option to await their flights in private rooms or the well-appointed terminal lounge, which features comfortable seating and complimentary Internet access. Additionally, facilities like a conference room for meetings and a dedicated cigar room cater to diverse preferences. The culinary offerings at the terminal, overseen by Michael Levy-Elhalal and Sonia Cohen, are prepared on-site. Travelers can savor dishes such as challah French toast, asparagus and smoked salmon, and various sandwiches. Exclusive services extend to private stewards, hotel lobby amenities, and chauffeured transport directly to the departing aircraft. Two upscale stores, H. Stern and James Richardson, are also situated within the terminal for those desiring pre or post-flight purchases. Designed to cater to elite travelers, the Fattal Terminal is tailored for private plane passengers, business professionals, government officials, ambassadors, and any individuals seeking a streamlined way to travel to and from Israel.

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The Fattal Terminal represents the latest high-end VIP facility at Ben Gurion Airport. It offers a solution to the common airport-related stress, particularly at Ben Gurion Airport, known for its stringent security measures that can result in lengthy delays. Unlike the conventional recommendation of arriving three hours before departure, Fattal Terminal travelers need only arrive two hours before their scheduled departure time. This VIP terminal ensures a more leisurely experience for individuals traveling to and from Israel. All pre-flight procedures, including check-in, security checks, hand luggage screenings, and passport control, can be conducted privately within the terminal. An assigned VIP agent handles all the travel-related needs. To enhance the comfort of travelers during their time at the airport, the Fattal Terminal provides various amenities and services.


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Passengers can opt to wait in private rooms or the terminal lounge, featuring comfortable seating and complimentary Internet access. Additionally, a conference room is available for meetings, and a designated cigar room caters to those who wish to indulge. Culinary services in the terminal are overseen by Michael Levy-Elhalal and Sonia Cohen, with on-site preparation. The menu includes options such as challah French toast, asparagus and smoked salmon, and sandwiches. Other services encompass private stewards, hotel lobby assistance, and exclusive transportation to the departure gate. Two stores, H. Stern and James Richardson, are conveniently located for travelers interested in making pre or post-flight purchases. The Fattal Terminal offers a luxury airport experience catering to elite travelers, such as those on private planes, business executives, government officials, ambassadors, and anyone looking for a convenient travel solution to and from Israel. Entrance fees to the terminal commence at $349 per person. 

Avoid queues at passport control by booking your arrival or departure from the private Fattal Terminal, situated adjacent to Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion Airport. 

Reserve our premium VIP Private Terminal services at Fattal Terminal in Ben Gurion Airport for a seamless airport experience when arriving in or departing from Israel. Skip lines, crowds, and stress by enjoying your time at the airport in our recently opened, sophisticated lounge. Whether you’re arriving or departing, your dedicated VIP attendant will manage all your pre- or post-flight requirements, including check-in, security, and customs. Upon arriving at their destination, travelers will be warmly welcomed as they disembark and then be transported to the exclusive terminal in a luxurious vehicle. Unwind in the contemporary and comfortable lounge, where complimentary amenities such as internet access, magazines, newspapers, books, light snacks, and beverages are available. Your attendant will oversee security checks, passport control, flight check-in, and provide assistance with luggage for departing flights. Subsequently, you’ll be escorted to your transportation.

Fattal Terminal Ben Gurion VIP Service

For departing travelers, the attendant will meet them at the private terminal’s lounge entrance, offering assistance with flight procedures while they relax. Enjoy light snacks and beverages in a serene and upscale setting with access to Wi-Fi, magazines, and books to rejuvenate before your flight. Interested in some pre-boarding shopping? Choose from two exclusive duty-free stores, H.Stern and James Richardson, accessible directly from the private terminal. Spacious and sophisticated private accommodations can be reserved by both departing and arriving passengers. Guests in our private rooms can indulge in a shower equipped with complimentary L’Occitane en Provence toiletries, complimentary high-speed Internet, magazines, newspapers, and global TV channels. An exclusive menu of food and beverages is also at your disposal. Additionally, guests can opt for a private suite featuring hotel amenities, a personal en-suite bathroom and shower, and butler services.

Experience the VIP Private Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport (Fattal Terminal) with the following highlights:

  • Direct arrival at the exclusive VIP Terminal
  • Relaxation in the lounge with complimentary drinks, snacks, and refreshments
  • Your attendant will oversee the entire departure or arrival process while you enjoy your time
  • Optional access to a private bedroom with a plush double bed, TV, private en-suite bathroom, and shower
  • Skip all queues, including those for PCR COVID tests upon arrival
  • Optional access to a private room without specific pricing mentioned

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  • Customer service that is friendly and available every day of the week
  • Guides and tour leaders personally selected for you
  • Guaranteed best prices
  • Fully flexible booking with easy cancellation options

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