Think Driver Service in Israel Is Too Good to Be True?

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Hire a personal driver in Israel and break stereotypes about the service

With so many “advantages” of taxi services, most don’t even think about a better alternative. It also limits understanding of the widespread stereotype that driver services in Israel are expensive and affordable only for millionaires. But in fact, Driver services in Israel with a private car are not that expensive, and we will explain the reasons and advantages of ordering a service, even if you do not have an account with a Swiss bank, do not own a private jet, or a 20-meter yacht.

Benefits of a personal driver service in Israel

A personal driver is your assistant, not just a “taxi driver”

Anyone who used a taxi faced such a problem as finding a car and neglecting your personal belongings and wishes on the road. With the service of a driver with a private car, you will not feel awkward if you ask to take, for example, important documents to the destination. You will be 100% sure that the car will be at your disposal for the entire rental period.

Safe ride in an unfamiliar city

The service of a personal driver is performed on cars not older than 3 years and is serviced only by official representatives, therefore, the occurrence of a breakdown is excluded. All drivers are tested for driving and personality traits and only 30% of candidate drivers are eligible for this job.

Only luxury cars service in Israel

Vehicles ORMAX offers trips only in luxury and executive cars of the brands Mercedes-Benz E, S, and V-class, BMW 5, or BMW 7 in black or silver. The ORMAX personal driver service in Israel with luxury cars differs from competitors – there are no overpriced prices, fixed rates for airport transfers, and support by phone or WhatsApp, by submitting the appropriate car that was specified in the order.

Savings on the maintenance of your own car

Your own car, of course, is good, but the economy has not been canceled. Imagine that in addition to insurance and gas, you have to pay for parking, maintenance, and tire fitting. These costs can be up to $ 1,000 per year. With the service of a driver with a private car, you will reduce some of your costs and receive highly qualified service.

Punctuality of the driver, with which you will be on time

By ordering a personal driver service in Israel with luxury cars in advance, you will be sure that your trip will not be canceled 20 minutes before departure. If you request an airport transfer in advance, your driver will meet you at the arrivals hall and escort you to your car.

The ideal solution for important events

Agree that it is not very presentable and appropriate to come to a wedding, an event evening or an important business meeting by taxi. Therefore, the cars of the ORMAX company are in laconic, strict colors without identification marks.

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