Passenger Van Rentals for family and travel in Israel


Family van rental for road trips in Israel is a great way to organize a tour to spend time with your loved ones. For a comfortable and successful trip, book van rental for a family vacation on ORMAX. If you are traveling long distances with a company of 5 or more people, we recommend ordering a family minivan (8 seater van rental) with a driver, and here are some tips for why you need it.

Why Must I Rental Van For Vacation With a Driver?

You may ask: “What is the point of renting a minivan for a day or for the entire vacation?” Fair question, but not everyone. For example, you already have a small car that you drive to work or shopping. You have planned a vacation with your family, and suppose everyone fits into this car, but after half an hour the passengers will begin to feel discomfort due to the uncomfortable position, and the road is long. Or, not everyone has a car that’s big enough for a long trip. It is also worth considering that you can put your luggage, equipment, and everything that you buy on vacation in a minivan for travel.

Duration Of Your Trip

Another important factor to consider is the distance you will travel and how many days you will be on the road. Traveling a long distance in a few days means that you are spending even more time in the car. You will need a place to unwind and get comfortable so passengers can sleep and relax. On the other hand, if it’s just a short trip, you can save money by renting a minivan with a driver for a smaller day or a car with fewer features.

The Most Spacious Minivan

We all have a family member who collects too many things for even the shortest trips. 8 passenger minivan rental for travel, which is actually large enough to suit your needs. Although there are, of course, restrictions on the number of bags. Poor baggage planning can lead to overcrowding and unhappy passengers.

Luxurious Comfort

Many cars have additional features that can definitely come in handy when traveling, especially for families with small children. When renting an 8 passenger minivan, consider having a screen for watching movies or cartoons. This will help kids of all ages stay busy and happy throughout the long journey, which means less stress for adults. Other features to look out for include seat folding options, USB ports for gadgets, and more.

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