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Taxi "Monit Sherut" in Tel Aviv

Monit Sherut in Tel Aviv


Monit Sherut in Tel Aviv is a group taxi service that runs on the main roads in Tel Aviv and throughout Israel. Sheruts are minivans or minibusses that work like shuttle taxis and can carry up to 12 people per flight. You can recognize them by their yellow color with route numbers on the windshield. You may be interested in the Ben Gurion airport transfer service. sherut-taxi-fares

Sherut taxi fares are fixed and similar to bus fares. They usually reach their destination faster. Sheruts serves both intercity and intracity routes. Shuttle buses can be easily found near the airport and central bus station.

How to behave in Moniyot Sherut

For a tourist, Sherut may seem like an unusual form of transport. Once in a taxi, you will have to wait until the cabin is filled with passengers. If you stopped a sherut on the road, simply by raising your hand, then entering the salon, name your stop and the driver will drop you off at any point on the route.

You can pay for the fare right away when you get into the taxi, or you can take your seat and give your money to the driver. Of course, it is very exciting to transfer your money through the wrong hands, but don’t worry – the change will be given back to you.

Please note that the sherut operates on Shabbat (Friday and Saturday evenings), and the fare will increase by several shekels.

Sherut taxis follow

Taxis usually follow public bus routes within the city and are identified by numbers indicating their routes. The most common sheruts are 4 and 5. Route schedules are subject to change. In order to keep track of the current schedule, the Egged app (Android, iPhone) in Hebrew will help you. Online timetables for the city and international routes are available in English via

Popular routes Monit Sherut No 4 and No 5

No. 4. From Tel Aviv Central Bus Station via Allenby and Ben Yehuda Streets to Reading Power Station.
No. 5. From Tel Aviv Central Bus Station through Rothschild Avenue, Dizengoff Center, and Dizengoff Street to Weizman Street in the north. (Please note that “Sherut” does not go to Arlozorov station like bus # 5).

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