Getting To and From Ben Gurion Airport

Booking Taxi-Transfer at Ben Gurion Airport

Getting to and from Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main international airport, is generally a straightforward task. Numerous transportation alternatives exist, such as trains, shuttles, taxis, sheruts (a combination of a bus and taxi), and car rentals. Each option has its unique advantages, catering to diverse types of travelers, various starting points or destinations, and varying group sizes. This article aims to address a commonly posed question: What are the transportation options for accessing and leaving Ben Gurion Airport?

Transfer from Ben Gurion to Israel hotel

Take Advantage Of A Private Transfer

Utilizing private transportation services to and from Ben Gurion Airport is highly recommended. Operating 24/7, these airport transfers offer a convenient and stress-free travel option. In comparison to taxis, they are often more cost-effective since there are no additional charges for extra luggage, passengers, or services during weekends and nighttime hours. Although not as economical as public transportation, the overall cost can be comparable when factoring in the expense of a taxi from the train station to your final destination.

Book Transfer

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With a private transfer, you’ll be conveniently dropped off directly at your endpoint, and the driver takes care of loading and unloading your luggage. Furthermore, the chauffeurs keep track of your flight itinerary and wait for your arrival in the specified area, displaying a sign for straightforward identification. For those who prefer to avoid long lines at the airport, exploring VIP fast-track services at Ben Gurion Airport is worth considering. This improves the airport experience by speeding up procedures like security checks, check-in, and passport control. To book a Ben Gurion Airport transfer to or from the airport, you can make a reservation here.


Car Rental At Ben Gurion Airport 

All major car rental companies in Israel maintain offices at Ben Gurion Airport. The reservation counters can be found situated above the arrivals area, and the vehicles are easily accessible via a brief bus journey. Similarly, if you need to return a car, follow the signs to the drop-off point, where a bus service to the main airport terminal is available. Cars can be picked up and dropped off at the airport 24/7. Typically, car rental agencies in the rest of the country close from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. You can secure a better price by pre-booking your rental car

Taking A Taxi

Taxis to Ben Gurion Airport can be requested from any taxi service in the country. They are stationed outside the Arrivals Hall with a dispatcher available. The fares from the airport have fixed legal prices to each city, which are categorized according to the time of day. Additional charges may apply for more than 2 passengers and luggage. It’s essential to note that during peak times, there may be a lengthy taxi queue at the airport. Therefore, it is often advisable to arrange a private airport transfer in advance if you are arriving after a long flight.

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