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Haifa is Israel’s main passenger port, serving traffic on both cruise and ferry lines. It uses a newly upgraded cruise terminal. The building, with an area of 5.5 thousand m², houses a cafeteria, an exchange office, parking, and a bus terminal for excursion groups. There is also a sizeable duty-free shop and an international telecommunications center. The train station, where you can travel to Tel Aviv, is a two-minute walk from the cruise terminal. Car rental companies can also be found nearby. You can easily book a professional taxi transfer to Haifa cruise port, distinguished by high-quality service and safety, allowing you to reach your destination quickly.

Cruise port transfers Israel
Cruise port transfers Israel
Cruise port transfer in Israel

What can you see at Haifa Cruise Port?

Haifa is a medium-sized city built on hills. It is often referred to as the San Francisco of the Middle East.

It is home to many Jews, Muslims, Christian Arabs, Ahmadis (in Kababir), Druze (in Dalyat al-Karmel), Baha’is, and people of other religions. Often it is characterized as a mosaic in which representatives of various communities peacefully coexist.

Among the most exciting places to visit are:

  • Green Carmel, blue sea and golden sand coasts, a modern bay and beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery of the Haifa Bay area, Baha’i Gardens, and Carmel National Park – you will find it all in Haifa.
  • Mount Carmel has always been associated with abundance and fertility, reflected in its original name, kerem (vineyard). This place, sacred to Christians and Jews, is also essential to the Baha’is because it is their administrative and spiritual center.
  • The Shrine of the Bab, dedicated to the founding prophet of the Baha’i faith, is located on the slope of Carmeli. It is surrounded by beautiful hanging gardens carved from the rock. The Temple of the Bab, also known as the golden dome, is one of the most characteristic symbols of Haifa.

Each of the options will keep you from getting bored. You can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of travel and feel like a real traveler. To do this, you need to order a transfer to Haifa from professionals.

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Why choose a transfer to Haifa port from ORMAX?

ORMAX is your best assistance in organizing transfers to Haifa, which you can use anytime. Be sure to arrange a VIP trip at the highest level, allowing you to feel comfort and safety, as everything is thought out to the smallest detail. High-quality service, attention to detail, high level of professionalism of employees – all this gives you a unique opportunity to feel at your best.

Among the main reasons why you should use the services of a professional transfer, there are the following:

  • extensive experience of traveling in Israel (in particular, to Haifa), which allows us to ensure safe transportation;
  • thoughtful and fast routes with maximum convenience for the client;
  • attention to detail and the individual wishes of each client;
  • great experience and a high level of professionalism of each driver;
  • availability of all necessary insurance policies.

Transfer organization is your opportunity to delegate all organizational issues to qualified employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to complete tasks of any complexity. If you need to learn how to get to the port in Haifa, you should book a transfer with ORMAX to make your trip hassle-free.

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