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Wine tour from Tel Aviv to northern Israel

Book a private tour to wineries in northern Israel – Galilee. Taste local wines and learn the history of Israeli wine production.


  • Tel Aviv
  • Galilee
  • Winery Netof
  • Dalton Winery
  • Winery Adir
  • Tel Aviv

Briefly about what you will see at winery tours from Tel Aviv

  1. Galilee is famous not only from the biblical side but also famous for its wines. The volcanic rocks of Galilee, warm climate, and gentle sun help to ripen wine grapes with a rich and juicy taste. That is why the largest factories for the production of wine are concentrated in this area.
  2. A wine tour from Tel Aviv to Galilee will start from your hotel, from where you will travel in a comfortable car to the mountainous Galilee in northern Israel. Throughout the trip, you will visit 3 wineries, the managers of which will tell you about the technology of wine production, local grape varieties, and walk along the paths of the vineyards. At each location, you will taste up to 4 varieties of wine.
  3. The Domaine Netofa winery is owned by an honored oenologist of Israel, who has a gold medal in the Foire de Mâcon competition for the Château de Paraza kosher wine. The peculiarity of the winery is that the grapes are harvested by hand, preserving the quality of the berries. Here wine is made from red grape varieties: French – Syrah, Mourvedre; Spanish – Tempranillo; Portuguese – Turigo National. Wines with unique flavors ranging from chocolate and dark berries to spices.
  4. Dalton Winery is the largest winery in Israel with over 1 million bottles produced annually. The winery owns 8 wine lines. You will definitely want to buy a bottle from the Asuf series – these are fresh, light, and at the same time warm and spicy wines. Each bottle is adorned with bright and seductive labels illustrated by famous Israeli artists.
  5. The Adir Winery in Upper Galilee is a unique art facility with the production of up to 200,000 bottles per year. Location, geology, and temperature conditions have a very beneficial effect on the ripening of the grapes and their taste. The strongest wines of high-quality blends with a delicate aroma are produced here. The design of labels in each series is characterized by restraint, laconicism, and minimalism.

It’s important to know!

  • This tour is not suitable for pregnant women
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