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Tour from Tel Aviv to Banias and Golan Heights

Private tour from Tel Aviv to the far north of Israel, where you will see the “Gates of Hell” – Caesarea Philippi, panoramic views of the Golan Heights from different points, the volcanic lake Ram, and Syria.


  • Tel Aviv
  • Mountains of Galilee
  • Banias Nature Reserve
  • Golan heights
  • Ram lake
  • Tel Aviv

Briefly about what you will see at Banias and Golan Heights tour

  1. From your hotel in Tel Aviv, take a scenic drive through the mountains of Galilee to northern Israel. At the northernmost point of Israel is the Banias Nature Reserve, so beautiful that even Alexander the Great called it the “Gate of Hell”. In the reserve, you will walk through the forest with its beautiful rivers and springs. Walk to the archaeological remains of Agrippa’s Palace through the Roman Bridge.
  2. The tour will continue along the Golan Heights, where the largest fortress in the Middle East of the Middle Ages, Nimrod, is located. The observation tower of the castle offers views of three countries – Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.
  3. Admire the landscapes of the Golan Heights as you continue your journey to the volcanic Ram Lake. From the lake, you will climb Mount Benthal to see the mesmerizing landscape of Damascus. Returning back to Tel Aviv on the way you will have a view of Galilee and Tiberias.

It’s important to know!

  • This tour is not available for children under 4 years old
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