Tour with a personal guide

Tour from Jerusalem to Petra with a guide

A guided one-day tour from Jerusalem to Petra introduces you to the famous ancient “Pink” city. The monumental archaeological complex contains an unusual history and culture from the time of the III century BC. e.


  • Jerusalem
  • Petra
  • Jerusalem

Briefly about what you will see in tour from Jerusalem to Petra with a guide

On the way to Petra, you will enjoy an unusual trail past the mountain slopes to the desert of southwestern Jordan. You will personally see the New Wonder of the World – Petra, carved into pink sandstone rocks. A mesmerizing sight of the majestic structures, consisting of many tombs, crypts, temples, and the “Treasury” of the Nabataean kingdom, 45 meters high.

It’s important to know!

  • Short skirts and shorts are prohibited. Clothing should not expose shoulders and belly.
  • Take with your sunscreen, hat, glasses.
  • This is a full-day tour so can be exhausting for children.
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