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Tour from Jerusalem to Hebron and the West Bank

Book a tour of Hervon – one of the holy cities not only in Judaism, but also in Islam. An impressive guided tour from Jerusalem to the South of Israel will take you to the city of the burial site of the biblical patriarchs, located in the West Bank of Israel.

Briefly about what you will see in tour from Jerusalem to Hebron and the West Bank

  1. Israeli side. The excursion starts at Tel Rumeida Hill, where archaeological excavations of the Bronze Age are carried out. You will see the burial places of Ruth and Jesse. Further, in the Hebron Museum (Beit Hadassah), you will learn about the life of local Jews until 1929, walk through the Avraham Avinu quarter with the restored synagogue. Visit the Tombs of the Forefathers of the Machpelah Cave, which symbolically separates the Israeli and Palestinian sides of Hebron. In the cave (as stated in the Book of Zohar) four couples are buried: Adam and Hawa, Yaakov and Leah.
  2. The Palestinian side begins from the side of the tombs of the forefathers and foremothers Abraham and Sarah, Yitzchak, and Rivka. The tombs are located in the Ibrahimi Mosque. Next, you will walk through the bright and colorful Kasbah market in the old city. The guided tour of Hebron ends at the gated Shuhada Street.

It’s important to know!

  • Have a passport with you.
  • Walking with bare legs and shoulders is prohibited.
  • Clothing should be modest.
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