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Tour from Jerusalem: Masada, Dead Sea

One day tour from Jerusalem to Masada Fortress located in the Judean Desert. A bonus on this guided tour is a relaxing swim in the Dead Sea.


  • Jerusalem
  • Judean Desert
  • Fortress Masada
  • Dead Sea
  • Jerusalem

Briefly about what you will see in tour from Jerusalem: Masada, Dead Sea

  1. The day of the tour will start at your hotel in Jerusalem. You will head in a comfortable car through the Judean Mountains to the Dead Sea. From the shores of the Dead Sea, you will reach the Masada fortress, which you will climb by cable car.
  2. In the fortress, you will learn the heroic history of Jewish soldiers. Masada was built by King Herod and this is the last place where at the beginning of our era the Roman army fell before the jealous defenders of Jewish culture and people – the Zealots.
  3. You will be amazed at the majesty of Masada when you look at the ruins, in the past, of a magnificent fortress – its palaces, the thickness of the defensive walls, the synagogue, mosaic floors, and Roman baths.
  4. From the dusty desert, you will travel to the healing and therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, with the lowest coastline on Earth.

It’s important to know!

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Bring a towel, hat, sunglasses and cream, and a bathing suit.
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