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Jerusalem Bethlehem tour

Guided tour of the holy sites of Bethlehem – the birthplace of Christ A guided car tour will create an unforgettable trip through the churches of Bethlehem, Shepherd’s Field, and Manger Square.


  • Jerusalem
  • City of David
  • Church of the Nativity of Christ
  • Church of St. Catherine
  • Judean Hills
  • Shepherds Field
  • Jerusalem

Briefly about what you will see in Jerusalem Bethlehem tour

  1. The guided tour starts from your hotel or apartment in Jerusalem. You will drive a comfortable sedan or minibus (depending on the number of people) south of Jerusalem to the ancient city of Bethlehem – the city of David, to the place where the son of God Jesus was born. Passing the Manger Park, which surrounds the Omar Mosque and the oldest church in the world – the Nativity of Christ. This is a Byzantine church that was built at the beginning of the 4th century, with further redevelopment in the 6th century. From Byzantine times, the basilica has preserved fragments of the mosaic floor.
  2. Through the “Door of Humility” you will enter the Basilica of the Nativity, and you will see a golden mosaic on the walls and 44 columns of pink limestone. The church rises above the city where Christ was born. This is indicated by a silver star engraved in Latin “Here Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary.”
  3. The Church of St. Catherine is located near the Basilica of the Nativity of Christ. Under the church are caves with tombs and a chapel of the innocent, which is dedicated to the babies killed under Herod. Through the Judean Hills, you will head to the field of the Shepherds, where, according to the biblical descriptions, an angel appeared to the shepherds and he said that a savior was born in Bethlehem. At this place, a chapel was erected, which looks like a tent. This project was created by the famous Italian architect Antonio Berluzzi.

It’s important to know!

  • Please wear comfortable shoes for the tour.
  • You should have your passport with you to present it at passport control in Bethlehem.
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