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Food Tour Israel: Jerusalem Food Market (Shuk)

Complement your Jerusalem holiday with an extraordinary guided tour of Israel’s famous Mahane Yehuda Market or Jerusalem Shuk. Get to know local products, flavors, and culinary tastes.

Briefly about what you will see in Food Tour Israel

  1. A guided tour of Mahane Yehuda Market is the best choice to get up close and personal with Israeli culture. It is through the senses that we cognize the world around us. You will walk along the stalls to sample halva, hummus, tahini, and Jerusalem bagel with sesame seeds.
  2. You will not be left hungry or unhappy. In parallel with the tasting, you will listen to the history of the market from the time of the Ottoman Empire to the present day. Complement your dining experience with delicious fresh juices, sugar-dried fruits, and oriental desserts.
  3. An evening tour to Shuk Mahane Yehuda is also possible when the market turns into an evening bar and restaurant center with locations of different cuisines. All gourmets and beer lovers gather here, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a local resident or a tourist.

It’s important to know!

  • A camera is required.
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