Helicopter tour with excursion in Israel


Helicopter trip in Israel

Helicopter sightseeing rides and tours are the most memorable and exciting holidays, no matter where you are in Israel. ORMAX company organizes helicopter tours (Tel Aviv) to the picturesque places of Israel. You will see the most beautiful corners of the country from a bird’s eye view. We offer helicopter tours based on customer preferences and the amount of time you would like to spend in the air.

Benefits of ORMAX helicopter tour

There is nothing better than the breathtaking scenery that opens up in front of you while flying in a helicopter. The panoramic windows of the helicopter give a feeling of zero gravity, unlike a commercial aircraft, where the view is obstructed by the wing, and through a tiny window, you do not have the impression that you are right there – in the air. A helicopter tour is soaring over where you are flying as if you can reach and touch the clouds, beaches, seas, desert, and Holy Land from the air. A unique sensation worth ordering.

The big advantage of a chopper tour is the ability to see the sights from multiple angles in a matter of minutes. Want to circle right above the Haifa Gardens? Or approach the Temple Mount in Jerusalem? Or hovers low over the Dead Sea to take a photo “from under your feet”? All this is possible with a helicopter voyage!

Helicopter tour Israel

Safely Helicopter Tours

ORMAX partners with the most reliable airlines in Israel. For us, the safety of passengers is number one: trained personnel and high flying skills of our pilots' helicopter control. All helicopters are serviced according to the CAA or CAAI standards of the national aviation in Israel.


FAQ About Israel Helicopter Tour

How do I book a scenic helicopter flight? You can order a helicopter ride by phone, via WhatsApp, or through the booking form, specifying “Helicopter tour”. Flights range from a tourist with sightseeing to romantic. The manager will suggest that you choose which helicopter flight might suit you best.
How much does the helicopter tour cost? The cost depends on the amount of time you wish to spend in the air and the type of helicopter used for the tour.
What to wear for a helicopter ride? Dress for the season. During the summer months, it is best to bring your sunglasses and wear SPF protection.
How many people can fly in a helicopter? Most tour helicopters can accommodate three to five people. With some excursions, it is possible to sit next to the pilot. Note that all tours are private, and you should not worry that an outsider will be sitting next to you. It will be your best helicopter experience in Israel!

Booking a Helicopter Ride & Tours in Israel

and enjoying the beauty of Israel from a bird's-eye view!

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