Mercedes Vito transfer from/to Ben Gurion Airport

Transfer by Mercedes Vito at Ben Gurion Airport

Transfer by Mercedes-Benz Vito is ideal for trips from the airport to the city. It is compact with ample luggage space but still looks like a large executive car. The interior is comfortable and the ride is smooth, even when loaded with luggage and suitcases. Booking a Mercedes Vito from/to Ben Gurion Airport is the most beautiful compact minivan.

Mercedes Vito transfer from Airport can be done with just a couple of clicks on the site ORMAX. The only thing left for you to think about is that you will enjoy a truly unusual car and drive from the airport in a Mercedes Vito. This is an even more incredible journey that will take you from one great city to another.

Travel From The Airport Starts With Mercedes Vito


No Stops On The Way

Driving from Ben Gurion Airport in a Mercedes Vito is a direct route without stops and arrivals: from the terminal to the door, to the hotel, or wherever it suits you.



Transfer by Mercedes Vito from the airport is carried out according to the route suggested by the driver or you can adjust it yourself.



The price for a minivan with a driver is fixed throughout the journey. The cost is negotiated with the manager in advance and does not change on an hourly basis.



Payment occurs upon arrival at the destination. You book a minivan for your preferred date and pay after the trip. This way you won’t have any problems with refunds in case of booking cancellation.

Why Transfer By Mercedes Vito?

ORMAX provides private airport transfers by Mercedes Vito, minibusses, and buses. We offer cars according to your preferences, focusing on the budget, number of people and luggage.  It is this minivan model that is most popular for its smooth ride.

01. Keeping track of Ben Gurion’s schedule

Indicate the date and time of arrival in the booking form and we will track your flight to meet at the terminal.


02. No Hidden Tariff

We guarantee a fixed price. You won’t be surprised by the unpleasant surprise of the luggage surcharge or hourly rate that many transport companies practice.


03. Child Friendly

Indicate in the comments the age of the child and the number of children and child car seats will be installed by default.

What People are Saying

Fantastic Private Service

Fantastic private service, very well priced. Better than a shuttle transfer which would have taken 2 hours to get to the hotel after dropping off all the other travelers. This taxi took 45minutes to the hotel and was very spacious. They were on time for both pick up and drop off.

Aksel Sloof

Polite Driver
Comfortable Car
Travel Speed




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