Transfer Ben Gurion

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

Haifa, Eilat, Dead Sea

Transfer airport Ben Gurion Tel Aviv
Transfer airport Ben Gurion

Tel Aviv airport transfers

Transfer Ben Gurion – Tel Aviv is a very convenient service for those who travel to Israel or come on business. You don’t have to worry about how to contact the local taxi service, much less worry about how to get to the hotel. Take care of your trip in advance and book a VIP airport transfer in Israel. Our driver will arrive on time and will be waiting for you with a sign at the airport, we will save you time and effort. With us you can book a transfer at Tel Aviv airport and:

  • enjoy your trip to your destination;
  • relax or work in a comfortable luxury car;
  • Get recommendations for the best local hotels, restaurants from your personal driver, and more.

The most popular airport transfer services are in those cities in Israel that are far from the airport. Even if your hotel or destination is more than 300 km away, with our experienced drivers you will not notice how the time flies, relax and enjoy the most beautiful views of Israel. For families with children, we provide a car with child seats.

The most popular airport transfer routes among our clients include:

  1. Transfer from the airport to Jerusalem
  2. Transfer from the airport to Tel Aviv
  3. Transfer from the airport to Haifa
  4. Transfer from the airport to Eilat
  5. Transfer from the airport to Dead Sea

Contact our managers to book a transfer from the airport in Israel, we will advise and select the ideal option for VIP guests, business partners, your employees or family holidays.

VIP transfer at Israel airport

Our drivers carry out transfers from Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport to any distance. All cars in the fleet are in perfect, technically sound condition, so you can quickly get to the hotel or your desired destination. Ordering a VIP transfer from / to the airport is a great way to get there as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Why is it profitable to book a VIP transfer at Israel airport:

  • Our drivers will meet you with a sign at the airport or right by the plane
  • A huge selection of premium cars for every taste: from sedans to limousines, minivans, buses
  • English speaking drivers and 24/7 technical support
  • Secure payment with detailed information about your VIP transfer
  • No extra fees and commissions
  • You will be freed from long queues for a taxi and immediately go to the desired destination
  • You can book a transfer from Israel airport online, and it will not take much of your time
  • Flexibility of orders – you can cancel the VIP transfer to / from the airport without fines, or make changes to the route, time and directly ordered vehicle

We carry out passenger transfers from Tel Aviv airport, as well as from any city in Israel to the airport. Use the service of ordering a VIP transfer in our company for your comfortable trip.

VIP transfer airport Israel
Transfer to airport Tel Aviv
Book transfer airport Tel Aviv
Transfer from airport Tel Aviv

Transfer service at Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv

We provide a full range of exclusive airport transfer services that will create a special comfortable atmosphere before and after your flight:

  • comfortable VIP transfer,
  • bringing luggage to the car, taking luggage to the plane,
  • free Wi-Fi.

Among our clients who order a transfer from / to Ben Gurion Tel Aviv:

  • businessmen who go on business trips and business trips,
  • participants of various conferences and seminars,
  • participants in business events and meetings,
  • families who decided to book a family transfer to Tel Aviv and go on a trip to Israel,
  • tourists who come to see the sights on their own.

VIP transfer Ben Gurion airport

The advantages of ordering a transfer to Tel Aviv airport from ORMAX:

  1. We provide round-the-clock expert support when ordering a transfer to / from the airport and advice in a 24/7 format
  2. We offer our clients good prices and promptly resolve any issues related to VIP transfer services in Israel.
  3. Our services are suitable for everyone: private, corporate and VIP clients.
  4. With us you will be 100% sure that the order of the VIP transfer to Tel Aviv is correct, and that your event or trip will take place without unnecessary hassle.
  5. In our fleet there is a huge selection of cars for any of your needs, you can order both an individual transfer: by a VIP car or a jeep, or a family or group transfer to / from the airport by minivan for 5,6,7,8 people, or by minibus for 15-18 passenger seats.

Start your business trip or vacation in Israel with extremely positive emotions – use the transfer service from Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport.

VIP transfer airport Tel Aviv
Book transfer airport Tel Aviv

VIP transfer from / to Ben Gurion Airport Tel Aviv

Booking an individual or group transfer from Ben Gurion to hotels in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilat or on Dead Sea is one of the most popular services. Upon arrival in Israel, the plane lands at the famous Ben Gurion Airport. It is located at a distance of 14 km from Tel Aviv itself. Tourists usually face a problem: how to get from the airport to a hotel in Israel.

In this regard, there are constant queues for taxis. If you do not want to stand in line or you just want to quickly and with maximum comfort get to your destination, then the best solution for you will be a VIP transfer service to Tel Aviv from the airport to the hotel Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilat or on Dead Sea. Our drivers are punctual and responsible. They will help you get to your destination as quickly and safely as possible. To do this, you need to order a transfer from Tel Aviv airport in advance, indicating the destination.

Israel airport Ben Gurion Tel Aviv transfer. Price

We will immediately announce the price of a transfer from Ben Gurion Airport when placing an order online, there will be no surprises for you and the surcharge will be excluded, the prices are fixed. It is important that the price of a transfer from Tel Aviv airport remains unchanged, even if your plane is delayed or baggage claim took you a lot of time. Our drivers will wait for you as long as necessary.

When paying for an airport transfer online, you do not have to look for exchange offices in an unfamiliar country. And, even if you decide to pay for a transfer from the airport upon arrival and do not have cash or currency, our polite drivers will tell you where it is more profitable to withdraw or exchange cash.

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