Your private chauffeur service in Israel


always on time with a personal driver

Do you value your comfort? Order the Private Chauffeur Service and allow yourself to enjoy a trip on a luxury car. Ordering the private chauffeur will allow you to relax or work while driving to your destination. If you are a guest in Israel, your private chauffeur will help you with the specifics of your stay in Israel and give good advice. Whether you need a one-time trip or looking for long-term cooperation, we are happy to be at your service.
We have professional chauffeurs with great experience, which take their work with full responsibility. All you need is to order the Private Chauffeur Service specifying the date and time, and our chauffeur will be waiting for you the site at the appointed time.

Booking of the Private Chauffeur Service is performed in advance, which is especially convenient if you plan to go on vacation in Israel. Just book a private transfer in advance and our chauffeur will accompany you to important meetings or events. If you need to get to your destination, the Private Chauffeur VIP service for a Day will suit you.
If necessary, our chauffeur will meet you with a sign at the airport without delay. You can order a VIP Chauffeur Airport transfer from such cities as Eilat, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. Herzliya, Ashdod, Caesarea.

By working with us you get:
• Private chauffeur with knowledge of the cultural specifics of Israel that follows our Code of Conduct;
• Comfort of luxury VIP car of your preference;
• High level of safety and comfort;
• Perfect service for only the period of the trip or the whole day, which saves you time and trouble.

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