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Tour from Jerusalem: Masada National Park

When you book a guided tour from Jerusalem to Masada National Park, you will explore this park by visiting the ruins of the fortress of King Herod, admire the picturesque landscapes from the cable car, and at the end of the journey you will plunge into the salty waters of the Dead Sea.


  • Jerusalem
  • Masada
  • Dead Sea
  • Jerusalem

Briefly about what you will see in tour from Jerusalem: Masada National Park

  1. The day tour will start from your hotel in Jerusalem. You will head towards the southwest coast of the Dead Sea through the Judean Hills. You will make a short stop to admire the desert and the ancient city of Jericho towering over it.
  2. Arriving at the Dead Sea, you will see an incomparable landscape of salt patterns on the shore. Continue along the coastal area towards Masada. Along the way, you will learn how the Romans climbed to the top of the mountain plateau 2,000 years ago, and how King Herod ordered the construction of a palace with swimming pools and a synagogue decorated with frescoes.
  3. Let’s return to the Dead Sea by going down the cable car and get to the biblical city of Ein Gedi. Now it is a national park and nature reserve with beautiful waterfalls and luscious foliage. The tour will end at the Dead Sea as soon as you pass Qumran. You will be able to swim in the salty waters of the sea, rich in medicinal properties, to relieve yourself of the fatigue of a busy excursion day.

It’s important to know!

  • Wear comfortable shoes, a hat, and take a sun protection.

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