Private Fattal terminal services at Ben Gurion

Private terminal at Ben Gurion airport

Fattal Terminal VIP-lounge at Ben Gurion airport

ORMAX provides an order of services of VIP Fattal terminal at Ben Gurion airport, which was built exclusively for receiving private flights and officials. The exclusive service is Fattal Terminal specially designed for discerning guests of Israel: presidents, ambassadors, government delegations of other countries, business jet passengers and private jet owners. Terminal Fattal is a unique place where the main waiting room, private suites, meeting rooms, branded Duty Free shops, and guest rooms are located.

Terminal Fattal for official guests

The Fattal terminal VIP services for arriving passengers in Israel begins with a meeting at the exit from the plane. In the event of a remote landing, a luxury car will take you to the terminal entrance. The comfortable lounge area invites you to take a break from the road and enjoy light snacks and drinks while watching a magazine, newspaper or movie. While you are relaxing, our assistant will take care of all the registration procedures upon arrival in the country: security check, passport control, assistance with luggage. After completing formal airport procedures, you will be escorted to your ORMAX transfer.

If you are flying out of Israel, you will be greeted at the entrance to the private VIP terminal lounge at Ben Gurion Airport. A personal assistant will carry out all check-in procedures before departure, and you can relax in the waiting room. You will be treated to drinks and snacks to keep you strong for your upcoming flight. The advantage of the Ben Gurion airport’s VIP terminal for official guests has exclusive access to the shops H. Stern and James Richardson.

Fattal Terminal Services Booking

VIP service Fattal terminal Ben Gurion

Why choose VIP service at Fattal Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport

Fattal Terminal offers an innovative solution for VIP passengers and private flight crews. Unique pre-boarding and on-arrival hospitality, first-class service, luxurious five-star hotel accommodations. The sophisticated atmosphere of the private VIP terminal at Ben Gurion Airport, as well as highly qualified staff, will protect you from most of the problems and stressful situations that passengers face. You will not waste your time in the security check and passport check-in lines, trying to find the right route in the maze of halls that lead to the exit.

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