Business tours in Israel, exhibition transfer and event organization


Chauffeur services for business and corporate events

Israel occupies a small area by the Mediterranean sea. Israel plays an important role in the business life of the world. Israel is full of various exhibitions and business events. If you are going to Israel, our company will be an excellent logistics partner for you and you will be able to focus exclusively on your business goals. Book the VIP Airport Transfer Service and our chauffeur will take you comfortably to the hotel and then to the event. We know from experience that this route is important for you and for half an hour in the hotel you will be able to take a shower and change clothes from the road. Your mood is our concern, that’s why ordering a business tour in ORMAX will save you the troubles, so you will be free to register for the next event.

We know how tedious any flight is, especially if it lasts more than a few hours. That’s why our chauffeurs can let you relax and do your business while you go to your destination. With our chauffeur service in Israel, you don’t have to worry about traffic or city travel — just sit back in the passenger seat and let a professional chauffeur take you to the designated place.

Are you visiting the city with your colleagues for a conference or other business or corporate event? We will take care of the whole transfer while you can discuss all the details and prepare for the event. We offer comfortable vehicles, which have enough space for big groups from 5 to 50 people.

By working with us you will be able to:
– Enjoy the ride from airport to destination;
– Arrive to any meeting always on time;
– plan your trip before the event and make any stop you need;
– Stay with your group no matter how big it is.
– Relax or work while enjoying the comfort of a luxury car;
– Get advice for choosing the best local hotels, restaurants, etc.

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