Ben Gurion airport transfer service


Our driver will meet you on the specified flight

Ben Gurion Airport Transfer Service is one of the most popular services. Upon arrival to Israel, the plane lands at the famous Ben Gurion Airport. It is located 14 km from Tel Aviv. Tourists usually face the problem getting from the airport to the hotel. In this regard, there is a constant queue for taxi. If you do not want to wait for a taxi or you just want to quickly and comfortably get to your destination, the best solution for you will be the Israel Airport Transfer Service to the Hotel. Our drivers are punctual and responsible. They will help you to quickly and safely get to your destination. To do this, you need to book the Airport Transfer Service in advance, specifying the destination.

Also, with ORMAX you can order a Israel Airport Transfer Service in the following directions: Dead Sea, Eilat, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. Herzliya, Ashdod. Our drivers carry out a transfer to any point of Israel.
We provide transfer for any distance. Cars in our fleet are in perfect condition, so you can quickly arrive at the hotel. So, VIP Airport Transfer Service to Haifa or Eilat is a great way to get there as quickly and comfortably as possible.
By working with us you will be able to:
• Enjoy the ride from the airport to your destination;
• Relax or work while enjoying the comfort of a luxury car;
• Get recommendations on the best local hotels, restaurants, etc.

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